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2014 Sony camera lineup reveals exciting new models

Sony recently released the a7 and a7R but that was just a taster of what is to come. These could be the last two cameras from Sony this year, and so we now look ahead to the new lineup next year. There have already been a few rumors as to what to expect, but now a more definitive list has been put together.

This year has been very quiet in terms of new camera models from Sony, and we are pleased to say that next year will be very different indeed. The 2014 Sony camera lineup reveals some truly exiting models, one that will include the NEX-7 successor.

While this might not be an official 2014 Sony camera roadmap, the source promises to have it on good intentions that this is the real deal. Some of the cameras to appear on the list were pretty much expected, while others come as a nice surprise.

2014 Sony camera lineup reveals exciting models
2014 Sony camera lineup reveals exciting models

Some of the new Sony camera models for 2014 include several new APS-C E-mount cameras, which will now come under the Alpha range. There will also be new A-mount and E-mount FF cameras, and a strong possibility of a hybrid A-E mount camera, which will be in the high-end category.

There is also a strong possibility that a APS-C A-mount camera could make a showing next year, as there is said to be a prototype model in the works.

We would hope to see a Sony a77 successor in 2014, and if this doesn’t happen then we can see a few consumers feel letdown. Are you frustrated and disappointed with this 2014 roadmap, or are you happy with what Sony has planned?



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