Wild Games Studio update on Day One: Garry’s Incident review

Wild Games Studio was seen in a very bad light a few days ago after forcing a game reviewer to take down a video review of Day One: Garry’s Incident that was uploaded on YouTube. However, they have had a change of heart, because they have now allowed the video review to be put back up online.

The Day One: Garry’s Incident review was not a very positive one, which was seen as one of the reasons why Wild Games Studio came down heavy on TotalBiscuit. The studio originally said the reason they asked for the video to be removed was to protect its copyright, and the fact it was not right for any one to earn revenue from their product.

Wild Games CEO issued a statement where they said they have now removed the copyright claim, and believe in the freedom of expression. It is all very well taking the high-ground now, but it does seem too little too late.

The studio would have you believe that it has all been a misunderstanding, and has even sent an apology to TotalBiscuit, which must be a hard pill to swallow considering the tough criticism of Day One: Garry’s Incident.

We do find it amazing how more positive reviews on YouTube was not taken down, and so it does seem a bit suspect to us. If all game studios thought like this, then half of the games released would not have a review on YouTube.



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