PS4 username with real name divides opinion

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2013

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Xbox One wouldn’t come with the ability for users to choose a real name when signing into Xbox Live. This will feature will be available, just not at launch according to Microsoft.

However, we now bring you the pleasing news and confirmation that Sony will in fact offer this option up to PS4 users at launch. Now if you wish to, you can opt in to use your real name when using the PSN, whether this involves online gaming or just using the various social messaging tools that Sony will include when the system launches on November 15.

While it is obviously very nice that the option is there, the debate on whether users will actually want to use their real name is surely debatable. Using real names could open that user up to attack from keyboard warriors, who could then use your name to do further damage.

There’s talk on how using real names as a mandatory requirement could help to reduce online abuse whilst gaming, but we think this isn’t going to happen overnight and will probably end up doing more harm than good.

Right now the majority of online gamers prefer to hide under a username and rightly so. Would you be tempted to use your real name on the PS4 though as a fresh start? It will be interesting to see how Sony monitors this if they start to see a surge in real name usage.

What do you intend to do with your PS4 username?

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  • Dominic Vinall-Smith

    I’m planning to use my real name. Why not? The simple truth is I’m only friends with people I know and I don’t do all that much online gaming. If I have any problems I’ll just go back to my username. Frankly it’s a bit daft not to give it a go. It’ll certainly feel more personal to each individual user.

  • Steve

    Try running a server for a week on ps3 and see for yourself how much abuse you get when enforcing server rules. To much hassle from one person you can probably get them banned from psn, but will Sony still care if I’m getting abuse through twitter, Facebook or any other avenue. I seriously doubt it! No way I’d use my real name in gaming it’s just a dumb idea

  • AnonymousNoob

    No way, when I play CoD and Battlefield etc, I get my arse handed to me more often than not. So, no, I prefer the anonymity of a Username.