PS4 Brasil price makes the rest of you fortunate

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2013

If you thought you were already paying over the top for the PS4 price in your country, it is nothing compared to what poor consumers and Sony fans over in Brazil will have to put up with. Sony has just announced the PS4 price in Brazil and it is so high that even Sony has said themselves that they wish it was lower.

Unsurprisingly, it is all to do with taxes in the country. Take a deep breath to gather this information, as the PS4 in Brazil is going to cost a staggering R$3,999 – $1840 USD when converted to US currency and an unbelievable £1136 when talking in British pounds.

Take a look at that price that Sony is making gamers in Brazil pay, then look again at the $399 or £349 that most of you have probably already put down on a pre-order. The difference is obviously quite staggering and you have to feel for gamers over in Brazil who may not have any choice but to cough up with the extortionate tax rates.

Sony has attempted to diffuse the situation, by claiming that if it was down to them – the PS4 price in Brazil wouldn’t be that high. The company has added that 63% of the retail price in Brazil is due to government taxing and has even said that the price ‘isn’t good for gamers’ and ‘isn’t good for the PlayStation brand’.

It’s obviously a very delicate situation indeed and hopefully there will be a solution soon where Brazilian gamers can get their hands on the new console at a cheaper rate.

Let us know your reaction to the inflated price and will now think twice about whether you think you are being ripped off on the US or UK price.

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  • Damian McMahon

    typical government that has not simplified there tax system, it just ludicrious, but in australia so is the petrol tax.

    • Thiago Bertolo


      And it is cheaper for us to travel to Miami or Orlando, kick Mickey Mouse in the b*u*t*t, buy a PS4 and return than to buy it in our own country.