Panasonic GH4 tentative specs and price

By Peter Chubb - Oct 24, 2013

Things have been a little quite in regard to the Panasonic GH4 over the past few weeks or so, and so it is finally nice to learn something new – even if it is just a rumor. Some details have come to light that offers tentative specs and also a price, but still no news on a specific release date.

One thing that might be a little confusing is the name of GH3 successor, as most of us will know it as the Panasonic GH4 or DMC-GH4. However, the consumer electronics makers could go with the moniker AG-GH4 instead.

Firstly, we have that all-important price, as the Panasonic GH4 is expected to cost around $3,000, although there have been a few suggestion that it could be a couple of hundred dollars less. This isn’t that much when you consider its main features will be centered on full video use.

Panasonic GH4 promises to be a huge leap over the GH3

Panasonic GH4 promises to be a huge leap over the GH3

The Panasonic GH4 should have a lot to offer going by some of these suggested specs, such as a 16-megapixel sensor, 4K capabilities, with up to 30fps in that mode, Time code, a form factor similar to the Gh3 and so much more. You can see a more detailed specs list of the GH4 here, along with some of their other findings.

We have to remember that a lot of what we have said might not happen, as we know how vague rumors can be, but if they are, then we look forward to the first review of the Panasonic GH4 from Blunty.

As for the release date of the Panasonic AG-GH4, all we know is it will be in 2014, but we cannot be any more precise than that.

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  • Rick Idak

    Most of my paid gigs are events (fashion parades,weddings,music videos,promos) I’d love to upgrade to a couple of GH4’s and Panny’s 4K cameras as I like shooting multi
    angles. I’ve given up waiting for the Blackmagic 4K’s and have cancelled my order as many others I know have. Bring it out Panny.