GTA V Sultan RS location solves frustration

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2013

If you love your rare cars in GTA V, you are probably looking where to find the Sultan RS spawn location. The good news, is that we have some videos for you to watch, showing where you can find the Sultan RS in both story and GTA online mode.

When Rockstar finally give us the GTA V Heists release date, this is the car that you are going to want. It was arguably the best car in GTA IV and is also one of the best handlers in GTA V and with space for four precious seats.

You cannot buy the Sultan RS though in GTA V, you have to manually find it yourself. Also, the location of the car varies from time to time and you also have to customize the car before you can unlock its true potential.

To give you an example of this, the videos we have included below show you where to find the Sultan in its usual locations. When you do find one, note that you’ll initially be driving the Karin Sultan. You have to customize it and upgrade all of the parts to transform it into the Sultan RS which you can see in full glory above.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find online once you have the location, but finding the Sultan RS in story mode may be a bit more challenging and could require you to get the car at a certain time of the day only.

Watch the clips below and let us know if this video has helped you to find the Sultan RS. Would you agree that it is one of the best cars in the game, or do you have another motor to suggest?

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  • TadpoleBuckshot

    best all around car in game

  • Guests

    Nothing works i tries everything for 12 hours… Its all luck based

  • Harrisson Desouza

    Found sultan parked by hotel nearby second video’s location driving a benefactor feltzer

  • SmileyD

    I have looked for a sultan for 7 hours straight and tried every strategy I HAVE NOTHING WTF!?!?!

  • Victor

    You can find it when switching to Franklin, he will be stuck in the trafic, the sultan will be one of the many cars.

    • Professional_Bob

      I switched to Franklin and he was stuck in traffic but there was no Sultan. There was an Adder, though which I never knew actualy spawned anywhere else besides down the road from Posonbys in Rockford Hills.

  • Guest

    try what i did. go to 2nd video location at night driving adder. found at prison parking lot or area with the mod shop, clothing store and robbable store nearby. i found it at the first travel

  • Deamhan

    I just found a Sultan in the prison parking lot.

  • Thady Stephen Reilly

    Hey is there anyone here on the playstation that will duplicate it with me?il give ya the entity or anybother car in my garage!!

    • kyle jeff

      Still looking for the sultan

  • Anders Berg

    tanks! worked for me^^

  • Demento

    Went to the spot on video 2. Sandy shores near The custom shop. Literally the first parked car I saw. Ez.

  • Somebody

    I keep finding Futos instead

  • I Be That Sloth

    I’ve got the Sultan & the Futo , both great cars and Mods are ridiculous

  • EdF4ce

    Online its everywhere. I don’t mean there are many of them like when the same cars spawn over and over. I only ever see one on its lonesome randomly but frequently where ever and whenever. I think the difficulty in finding this car resides in the fact it just looks so boring and undesirable until you get one and start modding it, you just dont notice it cos it looks so boring. Just keep ur eyes peeled! 4 doors, no sunroof and twin headlights, it won’t look like much but its a sultan and can be modded into a beast, ends up looking like a Scooby impreza with some evo features. Great 4 door car. My favorite 2 door is the futo, tons of mods and is good slidey fun!

    • someone

      This I played this weekend and the whole parking lot was filled with them at Los Santos Customs by the golf course.

  • Zaurakk

    Theres a rare spot in the forest next to Fort Zancudo on the dirt road that is just off a bridge

  • Mike White

    I went to every location on the map you had pointed out. On-line and off-line. No luck. The only car that i got that you had shown on this vid was the ( Skyline R35 )

    • Deamhan

      Skyline or the RH8 is a freebie from one of the in game internet shops.

  • someone

    none of your videos work…good job.

    • George

      They work for me.