GTA V Online Heists with 1.05 patch demanded

With the highly discussed 1.04 patch now live on Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA V, attention has now inevitably switched to the forthcoming 1.05 update and what Rockstar plans to address in attempt to keep unhappy players from leaving the game.

Earlier this week, we asked you specifically what Rockstar needs to do with the 1.05 update to fix the game, as it is clear that the majority of players are still furious with the confirmed half income cut when replaying any mission in GTA Online.

Now, we have gathered your feedback and undoubtedly the biggest addition that you want to see with the 1.05 patch is GTA V Online Heists. Despite promising this free DLC before the game launched, Heists is still not available and it looks like the one piece of content that can still keep players glued to the game.

Players also don’t want to just see a few Heists released. Gamers are keen for Rockstar to make amends, by giving players 5-10 Heists releases on a regular basis. Heists seems to be the only main addition that players badly want, as most are fed up getting their mission income cut, when others are still happily exploiting the system by using various glitches in GTA V Online that are still present.

If it was down to our suggestion, we say why not give the players 20 new Heists instead – Heists that are varied in story each time and missions that won’t get patched up when players finally have a solid way of making money legitimately with their friends.

Would you agree in saying that Heists is the only thing that can ‘save’ GTA Online now? Give us your thoughts on the upcoming 1.05 update – are you waiting for Heists above anything else?



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