GTA V Online Heists with 1.05 patch demanded

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2013

With the highly discussed 1.04 patch now live on Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA V, attention has now inevitably switched to the forthcoming 1.05 update and what Rockstar plans to address in attempt to keep unhappy players from leaving the game.

Earlier this week, we asked you specifically what Rockstar needs to do with the 1.05 update to fix the game, as it is clear that the majority of players are still furious with the confirmed half income cut when replaying any mission in GTA Online.

Now, we have gathered your feedback and undoubtedly the biggest addition that you want to see with the 1.05 patch is GTA V Online Heists. Despite promising this free DLC before the game launched, Heists is still not available and it looks like the one piece of content that can still keep players glued to the game.

Players also don’t want to just see a few Heists released. Gamers are keen for Rockstar to make amends, by giving players 5-10 Heists releases on a regular basis. Heists seems to be the only main addition that players badly want, as most are fed up getting their mission income cut, when others are still happily exploiting the system by using various glitches in GTA V Online that are still present.

If it was down to our suggestion, we say why not give the players 20 new Heists instead – Heists that are varied in story each time and missions that won’t get patched up when players finally have a solid way of making money legitimately with their friends.

Would you agree in saying that Heists is the only thing that can ‘save’ GTA Online now? Give us your thoughts on the upcoming 1.05 update – are you waiting for Heists above anything else?

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  • aaron

    *own more property with options to rent out.
    the game is already boring with almost no replay value. making the amount of money required to buy the stuff that makes for more replay value is very difficult and time consuming. there are still no heists, no stimulus, and no replay value. also why aren’t they adding things they know the fans want. there are no heists and I think its safe to say that every one would enjoy some zombies. I mean all the guns, helicopters, tanks, and no real large amount of enemies to blow up!? hello? zombies! duh. and whats with the helicopters only being available during certain levels. they really could have better focused on how this game plays. my opinion is that this game had real potential and they just plainly missed their mark. they really could have had something here and instead of resolving these issues they’re still taking their sweet time fixing a few minor bugs. wtf R*. its a good thing they made all that money in the beginning because I think this is gonna be one of those games that sees a lot of turn around at the stores and ends up on dusty shelves in gamestop. most of the people that bought this game bought it for what they thought was going to be ridiculously awesome online play and now we’re all still waiting around for this game to get good. and this whole punishment system “bad server” thing is another issue. there are plenty of a-holes out there making it not fun to play this game but there must be a better way of sorting them rather than putting you in the corner for blowing up someones car, because I was in the bad server once and every one there are complete dicks. its not fun

  • Owen Frederick

    Heists with option on how you choose to complete them would definitely keep me playing, but one game flaw they need to address is the lack of real incentive for group play. With the payout cut in half other players have little to no incentive to join others missions to help.

  • Keir Boyko

    its funny how im receiving heists from lester now

  • Keir Boyko

    apparently one of the trophies is for gta online “Own a house, a garage, and a helipad”

  • greatcesari

    -Heists should be re playable 1-2 weeks(to keep the replayability, but slightly limit it)

    -Fix BAWSAQ (stock market) so it works

    -Don’t bother with exploits (some people need that satisfaction of cheating apparently)

    -There need to be ways to earn money in a business fasion (Ex: renting out)

  • Sucrimfino

    yeahh, my only thing would be being able to own more than one property, there’s so many cars in gta v but i can only own what fits in my 10 car garage

  • Jorelle Phillips

    Add friendly fire to the game PLEASE!!!!!!! Im tired of killing my crew members by accident its a major piss off

  • Juliano Adante B

    plus I would love to buy a HOUSE with a POOL. If I make MILLIONS I would like to OWN more Then 1 property….It would be nice to own a House and a separate garage. IDK any player that wants to own a garage anywhere outside of the LOS SANTOS City & IDK any player that only wants to live in Apts. & Since there is no variety in the interior why not allow us the exterior look of a different house.

  • Juliano Adante B

    Heist are a great addition. But I would REALLY like to see Interior access to the many buildings in GTAV Online I’m tired of Missions/Shootout ONLY taking place OUTSIDE.

  • Berkmans

    All players leave at the same time from the online session or i get kicked from the game in the next 5 seconds of joining the game, cant play online as it becomes single player for me in 5 seconds and its on my ps3, anybody knows the fix for this then please comment below

  • Shunz

    Stop complaining. Just play the game.

    • Justin

      Yes, just play the broken crappy game that is not what was promised and like it. Pffft.

  • John

    by cutting payouts by half and stopping people from replaying missions you cut people energy which has cause me and my friends to hardly play it anymore and when we do its not to do any productive. just to mess around. i can understand fixing glitches but you need to reverse the payouts and let people redo missions so people can get money to actually do something in your game

  • Sheens

    can’t connect friends & sometime ps3 friend list disappear.
    Always getting error “unable to connect” while connecting mission with ps3 friend list.

  • corner_cut

    The excuse that “Players will get bored and leave” is incredibly short sighted.
    GTA Online is, and will always be chuck full of players no matter how many actually “Get bored and leave”. No matter what mission, deathmatch, or race you do, there is always low level players joining in, which means new people keep coming constantly.
    This game will be around for years and years and will keep getting better and better.
    Think about this : The part that you got “for free” with the single player game is the part that you’ll end up playing the most for years to come.
    It does not matter wether you get rich quickly or not, because Rock Star will have to constantly find new ways for you to spend your in-game cash to keep the game interesting.
    Mission payouts cut in half are actually a good thing, because this WILL, in fact, stop people from becoming overnight millionnaires that then hit the wall of “I don’t know what to spend my cash on anymore”, and THEN get bored and leave.
    You don’t blast through GTA online the same way you rush through the story mode, it was never designed like that, and I thank Rock Star for that.

    • John

      i would rather be bored with a million dollars and bored with 10,000

      • John

        than not and

    • Yug

      Although I see your point, I disagree, it’s not “incredibly short sighted” to bring up a fact. It’s also not an excuse. It being a fact is what makes it even worth considering.

      That said, your retort is that players as overnight millionaires will inevitably hit a wall and think/say “I don’t know what to spend my cash on anymore”, and THEN get bored and leave. Well I can personally call that as BS.

      After accidentally deleting my own character I’ve been glitching more than ever so I can skip the majority of this blatant grind to the end. The end, as in the ceiling that inevitably exists for all at max level. The end, that is the place where you have full access to game you spent $60+ on. Or lastly, the end, the place where new players won’t be allowed for X amount of days until they EARN THEIR RIGHT TO THE END.

      A right that truly great gamers will earn through legitimate missioning and hardcore races around a prison with catch up turned OFF! I shudder at the thought of gamers truly worthy of the end. For they will, at the end of days, turn Los Santos into a military wasteland where softy gamers explode at the very sight of fully armored battle tanks. In these end of times there will be gruesome bad sport competitions to determine which godlike gamer is the ultimate destroyer of personal vehicles in free roam! I have read it in the book of IGN strategies. Our only salvation is to ask forgiveness of our lord Rockstar. Repent now for it’s our only claim to salvation! REPENT YOU FOOLS!!!

    • Ikey

      Except people who played online before the patch had a HUGE advantage. They had infinite money glitches – and even the legit players had double payouts and better missions (violent duct now only gives 1500 each playthrough…) This means that anyone who played before the patch had a chance to become insanely rich incredibly fast – and many did.

      Its not fair at all that there are very few ways of making money any more – whereas people who had the game early have millions already.

      • Capt_MacBlack

        I’m not sure I agree 100% with you regarding these so-called “over-night millionaires”. I pre-ordered GTA and was online like the rest of them went it launched. Keep in mind online hasn’t been active for even a month yet so it’s not like anyone is a veteran. I’m not a millionaire in this game, I stand at a humble rank 65, aside from a 6-car garage, I have no properties! I have friends who have all the toys and goodies without taking advantage of “glitches: only because they put in a certain amount of hours doing vertain activities a certain way. Should Rockstar fix the glitches, yes. Should They fix the mission pay cuts, hell yes! Still even so there’s ways to make good money in just an hour of gameplay with the right people, and the set up.

    • aaron

      really? then why are there so many people complaining? geez man you sound like one of these government shills talking about “take what you get and be happy about it. you should be satisfied and not complain”. you’re an idiot. this is how the markets work man. a company makes a product, people buy it, then they complain or praise its features, then the company makes its product better, then more people buy it, then the company reinvests its money into more better products and the cycle continues until suddenly you’re living in America. as opposed to your version where a company makes a product, people complain, people like you say, “take it and be happy about it, just be happy and don’t complain or say anything”, and then your living in north korea.

      • corner_cut

        Bringing up North Korea as an example of how GTA Online should take customer feedback into account….really?

        You seem to have reading impairment. Cliffs of my post : Rockstar will keep devving for GTAO for years to come. You reply to me like what I meant was “Suck it up and be happy to play a beta forever.”

        I have to cliff my post to you because you can’t read and you need everything spoonfed to you because you have the attention span of a methead in a drugstore.

        If you think the market works by riding the incessant whining coming 24/7 from virgin teenagers like you, then maybe when you’re old enough to move out of mom’s, you’ll know that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

        Bump up your meds, son.

        • Justin

          +1 Aaron. corner_cut is obviously just some angry communist, who cant even think up a legit response, and resorts to “move out of your moms basement virgin”.

  • killamanhobo

    We need Heists and more missions if they have halved mission payouts for repeats then logically they will introduce new missions and will have to continue to do so at rank 100+ doing the same missions for next to nothing lately not even blowing other players brains out is entertaining to much of the same and its getting real old real fast its things like this that make me wish id abused the motorbike glitch while i had the chance as i feel im being punished for all the ladies who didnt have the patience to make money the legitimate way. so messed up .

  • endorgorrila

    Heists are definitely the only thing stopping me from trading in the game. The story was awesome but the online was just one empty promise after another. The mission payout cuts made me lose all motivation I had to level up and make money. Now I only get on to mess around with friends.

  • The_Bearded_Guild

    As Much as I want heists, I don’t think they’ll be worth a whole lot of money. Unless, like the current missions, you get more money the higher you are ranked. It seems to me that if they keep the current mission payouts cut to half then heists will be about 50k. The reason for it, would be to keep the balance the in-game economy and possibly try to force micro transactions(which really would imbalance the economy). Also from what I’ve lead to believe, there will be map updates in the future. Just don’t expect them anytime soon . Wishful thinking has me hoping for a mission where you fly to the edge of the current map and you go to a small Liberty City or Vice City map to perform the mission.

  • Eric David Tippett

    Not only heists, but fix the poor game design of store robbery.
    We need to be able to actually rob all the stores and be able to take out our weapons inside those stores, not just gas stations.

    • potato2000

      nah thatll corrupt the game even more u wouyld make to much money to quickly, those other shops you can rob anyway but in a different way

      • Eric David Tippett

        Haha no it wouldn’t. Players would be able to make a bit more cash, which is what the game needs. Players shouldn’t be forced to sit in lobbies and play the activities if free roam is what they like. Most people seem to like free roam way more then these activities. The online map feels dead and has nothing to do in it besides “activities” that just take you out of the map.
        Its also about the experience of robbing the store, not just the amount you shoot out of a cash register. Not being able to take out our weapons in stores is retarded and definitely corrupts the game.

        • aaron

          haha geez do you hear these people!? “too much money,too quickly” wtf? you can tell that guy voted for Obama.

        • Eric David Tippett

          Yeah haha

  • mat

    heist definantly need to come to gta online, that’s what everyone is waiting for, there is a lot of people getting bored on gta online and just going around causing caos for other players.
    I am currently rank 38 and I am getting annoyed, its the same thing over and over,