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Fantasy Football Premier League apps fix for iPad

If you are looking for the best Fantasy Football Premier League app on your iPad, we think we may have a very good contender to tell you about. Fantasy iTeam 13-14 for iPad has recently been updated and it is arguably one of the best free apps you can get in terms of a Fantasy Football mobile fix.

We won’t have to tell you how popular Fantasy Football apps are each season, but most of you probably have a good idea of the best apps that all your friends are using and recommending to you.

If you haven’t installed a Fantasy Football app yet, you should definitely give Fantasy iTeam 13/14 a go. It’s available both on iOS and Android, so you can install the app for free on any iPad or Android tablet for a quick fix on the go away from home.

The app features a full mode for Premier League, but also modes for Champions League and the World Cup if you are looking for something extra on top. You’ll get live updates with live stats, realtime player values and best of all – the chance to socially interact with other managers who are playing daily and could offer you some tips if you are just starting out.

The app is sponsored by Betfred and you can even use the app to take it one step further with Betfred betting if you choose to. For a free app, it is definitely one of the best around. Install it now and let us know below if this is the app that you are using on iPad for your Fantasy Football fix.

Alternatively, what other apps are you using for the Fantasy Football 13/14 season? For further information, check out the iTunes page here – you can also read a few reviews from other users.



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