DotA 2 6.80 patch desires following update

By Peter Chubb - Oct 24, 2013

Just before the weekend saw the release of DotA 2 6.79 along with its patch notes, and it wasn’t long before gamers got to offer their perspective on what they thought. We already know that so much has changed with the game, which was needed considering it was starting to look a little stale.

In a bid to always want more, fans of the game have already been looking ahead to DotA 2 6.80, but we are not sure when this next patch will be out. However, going on the four-month gap from 6.78 to 6.79, we expect the release date for the next update to be around February 2014.

We’ve already seen some great ideas because people have been adding to the ever-growing DotA 2 6.80 wish list. Okay, we know that some of you will think this is a little premature and should play the patch for a while longer before looking at what needs to be changed, but we know how gamers always look for more – and rightly so.

One fan has said that “Icefrog should be killed so that it can become Icefraud.” We’d love to know if you agree with that idea?

However, another suggestion we liked was to see “Shoes ms beings reduced by 50.” Both are all well and good, but they will not make the next DotA 2 update stand out.

One of the most requested features for the DotA 2 6.80 patch is to see “All heroes released along with a couple of new ones as well”

These are just a few ideas, but we’d love for you to share your wish list with Product Reviews readers.

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  • Purist Thunderwrath

    More heros would be marvelous! I just wish they didnt reduce the bounty on pretty much every jungle creep. People already complain and say that jungling is useless and that all heros should just stay in lane, now they have a reason to actually back up that statement. I would absolutely love it if the bounties on those creeps went back to the way they were…

    • Fleakachu

      I think the xp given from creeps should rise, but the gold is more than fair