Windows 8.1 vs. OS X Mavericks, upgrade cost and features

By Peter Chubb - Oct 24, 2013

It comes as no surprise that Microsoft will run Apple’s OS X down, and Apple will run Windows down. Both have their good and bad points, but having made the switch to Mac many years ago, we know which camp we would rather be in.

Microsoft knows that its operating is lacking in terms of speed and efficiency when compared to Apple’s desktop OS, and so thought the best way to appeal to consumer and business users was to make Windows 8.1 free. They thought they did enough to ensure people would come back to the platform.

However, the OS X Mavericks upgrade cost is nothing, as it is also completely free – this will be a kick in the teeth for Microsoft because 8.1 is only free to Windows 8 users, whereas Mavericks is free Mac users who own Snow Leopard onwards.

Mavericks has much more to offer over its predecessor and even better, it's free

Mavericks has much more to offer over its predecessor and even better, it’s free

Microsoft will now need to rely on its Windows 8.1 features, but from what we saw during the event last night, the OS X Mavericks features outshines the competition.

We’ve come across a couple of articles that have pitted each operating system against each other, with one review showing Mavericks as the real winner. However, the other review is a little more in-depth, where it marks each OS out of ten, although the outcome is still the same.

As always there will be Apple haters out there who say that while OS X Mavericks will be free, the cost has been put onto their products from the start. However, with the new MacBook Pro now costing $200 less than the previous model, it does show Apple is prepared to give a little back – even if they are still a little more expensive than the competition.

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  • Stocklone

    Can you be anymore bias?

  • lcgrzy

    Your point about Mavericks being completely free to anyone with OSX and Windows 8.1 requiring Windows 8 is not entirely accurate. You state that Mavericks is free to all Mac users. This is not true. According to Apple’s website, in order to upgrade to Mavericks, you must first be running OSX Snow Leopard (which costs $20). Is this not similar to requiring Windows 8 (or the purchase of Windows 8) to upgrade to 8.1. Obviously the price for Windows 7 to Windows 8 upgrade is more expensive than Leopard to Snow Leopard, but it is the same idea. OSX is not completely free to all Mac users.

    My brother works in a computer lab at a university and they recently updated the Power Macs to the latest version of OSX. Because the Power Macs had not been updated in several years it was necessary to purchase two upgrades for each Mac, one to bring the version up to the level required to then upgrade to Mountain Lion.
    I don’t know that much about Macs, but I do know that Mavericks is not completely free to all Mac users because it requires, at a minimum, Snow Leopard to upgrade to Mavericks.

    Sorry to go off on a little rant 🙂 Sometimes I get a little bothered when Apple users fail to look at all the angles before putting Microsoft down.


    • Guest

      Funny review, didn’t get a thing out of your article. My time wasted and your time, well, you’re just dumb.

    • GremDude

      You do not make sense. You do know that Snow Leopard came out in like 2008 and can be picked up off eBay for less than $10? How is this comparison the same as having to buy Windows 8 for $129? Sorry but that doesn’t make any sense! Plus Mavericks is a huge upgrade–not just an incremental patch. Windows 8.1 just adds the stuff that should have been there to begin with.

      • Stocklone

        And MS let anyone with XP (2001) and above upgrade to Windows 8 for $40 for 6 months. It’s not MS’s fault if they didn’t buy an upgrade for $40 when they had the chance.

  • Danny Dodge

    I cant stand OSX at all, and I can’t wait to get the $$ together for a surface pro 2