Titanfall release date leaves PS4 users waiting

We finally have the news that Titanfall fans have been waiting for. We have been seeing the same gameplay clip over and over, but now EA has finally given us the official Titanfall release date. Unfortunately though, it’s a further reminder for now, that the game will only be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

That means that the game is seemingly a console exclusive on Xbox consoles and won’t be made available for PS3 and PS4, which a lot of consumers are still unhappy about. It may not last forever though, as we only heard very interesting comments from Microsoft this week, about the company ‘not being bothered’ if Titanfall did show its face on PS4 later on down the line.

Without further ado, we can confirm that the Titanfall release date will be March 11 for everyone in the US and then on March 13 for those in Europe. Gamers in UK will have to wait until March 14 for their release date, but that is standard practice anyway so you should be well used to it by now.

We’ve added the ‘launch’ trailer below for those that want to see some gameplay, but be warned that it is largely the same gameplay that EA and Respawn has been showing off for months. Hopefully they’ll have some actual new gameplay to show soon, as most will agree that the clip below looks fantastic.

PS3 and future PS4 owners – are you over the issue regarding Titanfall now, or are you still very disappointed that you can’t play this game with everyone else?

We have a feeling it is a timed-exclusive anyway, as we all know that EA will want to make as much cash as possible with this game if there’s interest.



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