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Minecraft qCraft PC mod by Google

We’ve seen some strange things appear on Minecraft over the years, but this latest has to be one of the weirdest. It seems as though there is a growing interest in quantum physics, although this is because of the huge potential it holds for us in this modern computer age.

You are not alone when you feel as though this subject is boring and hard to understand, and so showing how it works in a simpler way would be a great way for us to learn about quantum physics.

The task was set and Google’s Quantum AI Lab got together with MinecraftEdu and another body to develop a new Minecraft mod, which is unsurprisingly called qCraft. Don’t go and pick holes in the mod because it lacks some of the fundamental elements to help explain quantum physics, but it does give you a simplistic look at how the science works.

We have a video for you below that helps to show off the Minecraft qCraft PC mod by Google. It is the teams hope that more adults and children will experiment with the mod so that some of them will go on to learn computer science, and one day become a scientist in this field.

Having watched the video we are having a hard time understanding what any of it has to do with quantum physics.



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