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iPad Air Vs iPad 4 on video compares dimensions

So the Apple iPad Air is now officially real. We knew the iPad 5 was coming, but Apple took everyone by surprise by announcing the final name to be the iPad Air, which we’re glad remained a surprise. Now, we give you the chance to watch an early video, showing the iPad Air Vs iPad 4 hands-on and a preview of the dimension changes in store for you.

As hyped up by Apple during the event, the iPad Air is 20% thinner than the iPad 4. It’s also 28% lighter than the previous model and weighs less than half a kilo. While this sounds very impressive on paper, a lot of consumers are eager to see how this translates when looking at both devices in the flesh.

As we await the first proper iPad Air review, you can enjoy this mini preview in the meantime courtesy of TheVerge. They have provided a brief video, showing what the new iPad Air looks like, when compared side by side with the existing iPad 4.

You can clearly see the differences in thinness and those who enjoy the sleek design of the MacBook Air may just grow to love what Apple has done with their new iPad. We also hear how the new A7 processor with its 64-bit architecture has helped to ensure that browsing through iOS 7 remains ‘ridiculously fast’ compared to the iPad 4.

You can get a detailed breakdown of specs here. For now, watch the iPad Air vs iPad 4 dimensions clip below and let us know if you are impressed with Apple’s latest effort or not. Will you be buying one this November?

Update: Apologies, this is actually the iPad 3 we’re seeing here next to the Air, but you get the idea – more videos coming soon.



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