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Halloween Door app for iPad will express excitement

As Halloween grows closer we are looking at ways to celebrate this time of year and today we are looking at the Halloween Door app for the iPad from Nimblebug Entertainment. This application is exclusive to the iPad and iPhone and creates a fun environment of music and sound to mark those Halloween festivities.

Adding an extra dimension of sound and music this application will be available on the iTunes App Store from October 28th, and SB Wire discuss the finer points of this experience that is bound to make you jump. In fact, I wish I had an iPad the size of my front door to keep those pesky trick-or-treat kids away from my house this time of year.

Halloween Door app for iPad will express excitement 2

All joking aside, this app contains a number of sound effects combining with background music to create that eerie feel to enhance any Halloween experience. With the random sounds setting this will be a scary surprise for both the user and those around, and we can see this being used by many devilish kids trying to scare their friends.

For those of you intending to kit out their homes for Halloween this application could be the ideal accessory round off your setup, although we can also see kids coming back for more, regardless of how frightened they may be. So will you be getting the Halloween Door app for your iPad in time for Halloween? If you are thinking about getting this app for Halloween 2013 check out the video below.



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