GTA V online fixes needed with 1.05 patch

What are your honest feeling towards GTA Online at the moment? We should really be talking about how amazing everything is going and how much of a brilliant job Rockstar has done. Instead though, it seems as if there are a lot of issues going on with the online portion of GTA V, issues that were increased ten fold after the introduction of the 1.04 update which officially cut income earned by half when repeating missions.

Just to give you an idea of the overall feeling right now, it’s a good idea to read through some of the feedback from angry GTA V players in some of our previous articles. We told you about GTA Online Heists being the ‘last resort’ for earning money after the income cut.

Then there was the initial backlash and shock horror when players where finding out for the first time that less money was being received each time. Rockstar eventually admitted that they had cut the income due to ‘balance’ changes, but then gamers were still finding ways around this with some naughty glitches.

We hear feedback from our readers complaining that they have had enough with their characters still being deleted and the missions they originally enjoyed, are no longer enjoyable.

Then again, there are some GTA V players who have no problem with the changes whatsoever and are finding ways to earn money just fine.

With all of the points above in mind, what would you like Rockstar to do with the next GTA V 1.05 update? It’s clear that fixes need to be made – but bringing back the original income received is obviously not going to happen, with the $500,000 ‘sweetener’ cash due to arrive soon.

Have you had enough of GTA Online to stop playing, or are you hoping that the 1.05 patch will fix everything? List what you want to see below.



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