GTA V online fixes needed with 1.05 patch

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2013

What are your honest feeling towards GTA Online at the moment? We should really be talking about how amazing everything is going and how much of a brilliant job Rockstar has done. Instead though, it seems as if there are a lot of issues going on with the online portion of GTA V, issues that were increased ten fold after the introduction of the 1.04 update which officially cut income earned by half when repeating missions.

Just to give you an idea of the overall feeling right now, it’s a good idea to read through some of the feedback from angry GTA V players in some of our previous articles. We told you about GTA Online Heists being the ‘last resort’ for earning money after the income cut.

Then there was the initial backlash and shock horror when players where finding out for the first time that less money was being received each time. Rockstar eventually admitted that they had cut the income due to ‘balance’ changes, but then gamers were still finding ways around this with some naughty glitches.

We hear feedback from our readers complaining that they have had enough with their characters still being deleted and the missions they originally enjoyed, are no longer enjoyable.

Then again, there are some GTA V players who have no problem with the changes whatsoever and are finding ways to earn money just fine.

With all of the points above in mind, what would you like Rockstar to do with the next GTA V 1.05 update? It’s clear that fixes need to be made – but bringing back the original income received is obviously not going to happen, with the $500,000 ‘sweetener’ cash due to arrive soon.

Have you had enough of GTA Online to stop playing, or are you hoping that the 1.05 patch will fix everything? List what you want to see below.

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  • Annoyed

    The bad sport needs to be changed in my opinion. We are already paying for the peoples cars when they are blown up so its very stupid to further punish people for that. If it becomes a real problem there should be real moderators and not bots to tell whats intentional and whats not. As for leaving missions there should be a certain amount of time in the beginning to give them a chance to leave without being a bad sport, like a 99 lap race that no one wants to be part of or everyone repeating a mission that you dont want to. Even if you are put into a bad sport lobby you should still be able to play with friends in missions or invite only matches.

  • gta v.frustrating

    oh yeah and I keep getting told i have ‘quit a job’ which may make me a ‘bad sport’. WTF? when i have been D/Cd or just got bored of waiting for it to stop being crap.

  • gta v.frustrating

    I spend half my online time:
    – waiting for the screen to load, staring at streetlights from a birdseye perspective
    – trying to join my friends which hardly ever happens in a fun and exciting way
    – hiding from other players so I dont lose all my money when I am trying to find my friends in a job
    – getting ‘kicked by other players’ (how do you even do that?)
    – starting jobs alone or quitting because everyone just disappears for no reason at all
    – wondering why I am bothering to go to an ATM (that is boring enough in real life!) and save money for an apartment (again, that is boring enough in RL).

    • ellis

      i always stare at the screen waiting for something to happen… then it tells me it cant join a friends game!! im not trying to join a friends game i want to join online!!. if this keeps happening i thing they should give us all 1,000,000 for waiting..

  • jake

    Does anyone have issues on when you play online with friends all of a sudden all your friends leave at once? Because I don’t what the hell is going on and its very irritating.

  • Lee01

    Fix the constan message of ”No rockstar server cloud available” Its killing me for ages now and online can be good but im losing hope to this game lately.
    I did expect bugs from Rockstar but please fix connection issues.
    For the rest, more missions like proper bankheists and robberies. Too much DM and LMS to my opinion. And make proper jobs like in MTA San Andreas like police officer or taxi driver. Maybe in the future updates.

    • ellis

      WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO STOP PISSING AROUND AND DO WHAT THEY SAID THE WHERE GOING TO DO,,, bank heists missions, good gaming , im not saying its bad but right now…its appalling

  • Fanny_tit_willy_boobies

    Well seeing as how patches V1.03 and V1.04 removed the lightning strikes/bolts from the game, i’d like for them to return as they are super cool. For some odd reason thsoe 2 patches removed the new cool thunder and lightning effects from GTAV and replaced them with the poop thunder effects from GTAIV. However if you delete those 59mb patches from your HDD the lightning strikes/bolts come back. So i’m choosing to play offline with no patches to keep the lightning.

    • Matt

      I’ve seen it lightning since they patched it?

      Heavy rainstorms like that don’t happen often at all.

      • John

        yeah welcome to socal

  • lance

    wtf i cant buy a house which is 147,000and i got 148,000 so whats wrong!!

    • Salvador

      need to put em in tha bank

  • dweezy

    All I care about at this point is character loss, money loss and level loss.Its happened before and im tired of turning on my game worried my character is gonna be gone.


    they should bring back the $25,000 reward at the end of the mission where you blow up the lazors, then steal a plane and fly it to the desert runway.
    Also me and my friend did a 24 hour marathon of gta online, I levelled up from 15 to 50, my friend, 20 to 50, we go into free roam, I have all my stuff, but he’s lost 30 levels and $500,000. he told me this was not the first time either, it happened the day before where he lost 5 levels and $1000. They Need To Patch This Immediately.

  • Andrew

    I’ve taken a temporary break simply because I had the unfortunate time of getting a bounty while in a tank. Self Defense against people trying to kill me ended up with me being put into a Bad Sport server where I can no longer play with friends

    A decent change with that would be to make people with bounties not have the same rules applied to them. You attack someone who has a bounty, they should have every right to be able to blow up your personal vehicle sans worrying about being a bad sport. Afterall, they’re merely defending themselves

    Second change worth doing is in regards to friends/crew being able to join you while you’re stuck in a bad sport server. Best way to phrase it is that they can descend into hell, but you can’t crawl out of it. That way, if you find yourself in there, you can still play with friends as opposed to being segregated completely. Not every instance of bad sport means you were trolling or being a nuisance.

    Mission payouts should reflect the effort put into the mission. High money, low reputation and vice versa is fine, but when you end up doing something that took a lot of time to complete only to get petty amounts of both? That just won’t do. Halving the amount for repeats is fine as most of the missions are enjoyable on their own regardless of payout.

    It was mentioned earlier, but I’d really like to have true access to every vehicle in the game via purchasing. It annoys me to no end that once I reached a certain level, finding Cargobobs to mess around with was basically, no longer an option. I like the Buzzard sure, but I don’t only want them exclusively at each helipad in existence. Being able to purchase submersibles would also be another step in the right direction. They’re neat and fun to use. Sure I could steal the one that spawns near the Humane Research building and bring it halfway across the map to somewhere I want it to be, but having it more conveniently placed would be ideal. The sea is completely filled with detail and the fact I barely sea (pun/typo intended) any of it due to lack of scuba gear or missions involving underwater exploration make it wasted space.

  • Jediprince

    I personally like GTAO as it is, the jobs they made a little harder to earn copious amounts of cash, so what? Work a little harder and longer…. Just think of it this way…. Let’s bring back violent duct the easy way, make it replay able and make it pay a million each time. So! Congratulations you’ve just made 500 million dollars in a day, now what? Just remember that once your at the top there’s nowhere else left to go. Enjoy having to work your way to the top.

    Yeah so what they want people to buy in game currency, you don’t have to buy it and those that do just shorten the length of time for which it takes them to get bored.

    I am a little disappointed with the survival mode, mainly boneyard and making the rooftop out of bounds along with the side garage and removing the dumpsters, but it caused me to look for other areas to hide and I found one that I rarely get hit even once, and certainly not by the choppers. It was harder before. Moral of the story I guess is to find variation.

    As for stuff disappearing fair enough, not our fault but it’s not really something I’ve had a problem with, except for losing a level 10 account once. I was pissed but got over it now I’m level 45. Hopefully they will fix this for those still having issues.

    I’m hoping with the 1.05 patch the heists and first part of the stimulus package will be received along with bug and glitch fixes. I would be happy with heists having a couple hundred thousand payout split between the team just like on the offline mode. But make the heists last longer based on the difficulty easy 15 min job, med 30 minute job and difficult 45-60 min job. I just hope it isn’t too easy, the jewellery store was good because of the preparation involved. It will create good opportunity for people to work together. Things like Simeon’s import car. When friends work together automatically split the cash reward and increase it with each member that joins to help out, the same for the crate drops.

    To sum everything up. Quit complaining about the cash grind suck it up and make some money. Sorry for your account losses but they’re fixing it, try shutting the game down properly and you’ll find half the people have their saving problems fixed Sit tight and wait to see what they bring us before you slate it.


  • Kagoura

    what they need to do is release all those 500+ missions they said not just 50 ISH missions i mean wtf

  • Zachery Hadley

    The heist need to hurry up and come out. And it needs to be more than just 3 or 4 heist that you can do repeatedly but, new heist and new objectives every time. And the pay outs gotta be decided on what you hit like bank, jewelry store, etc. that’s the only way I see the in game economy being fixed….

  • oOoZReMiXZoOo

    Bring out the heists online very soon, and a lot of them too !

  • stealth

    Rockstar really needs to give us the heists, as promised. And not just 1 or 2 here and there… they should release them 5 to 10 at a time. This is a MUST and needs to come in the next month to keep gamers interested.

    Second, and this is BIG. They need to allow more purchasable items, such as TRUE houses and stuff. Players with money have no where meaningful to spend it. Release new vehicles, choppers, bikes, guns etc. for players to strive for.

    And finally, get REAL about the money system rockstar. Do not try and sucker the industry into buying your in game currency. People will buy, it just won’t be the hundreds of millions you expect. If you try and swindle your market, they WILL turn against you.

    Make the missions pay what their worth, because right now its PATHETIC. You can limit the repeats to say 3 times per 2 in game days, and have only get rp if you keep going. Because lets face it, A LOT of the mission just plain old suck and when your finished and you get squat, it pisses your market off.

  • Joe

    Getting booted every 5 minutes where everyone in the map “has left” all at the same time is getting annoying. It’s getting lame playing by myself since joining my friends is turning into a hassle. And natural disasters would be an awesome implementation into the game such as a tsunami engulfing the city or a hurricane launching you into the ocean.

  • Guy

    I’m still having trouble with the servers, half the time I try to do a job it times out or says I’ve been kicked and bounces me back to the story mode where I have to try to reload it, then most of time it puts me in a blank server where I can’t do anything and when I press start its same as if I was still in the story mode so the only way to get out is to load the last saved story mode or just go to the xbox dashboard and restart the game.

  • Guest

    My comments here have been blocked. Why?

  • Eric Denney

    Money, no money, it really doesn’t matter (though I’m as angry as anybody about the payment reduction), because the #1 problem with the game is the absurdly useless “passive” mode, which should be called “Kill me” mode. The #1 goal of Rockstar with the online game should’ve been to encourage players in free roam to INTERACT, and to HAVE FUN. Instead of giving us a good old fashioned Friendly Fire mode like sooooo many other games before have had, they gave us their ridiculous version of it called “passive” mode, which prevents you from even looking at what weapons or ammo you have, much less use a weapon against another player or even to rob a bank when you’re by yourself and minding your own business! Yet, other with “passive” mode on, other players can gun you down anytime, anywhere, if you’re in your vehicle, and if you get OUT of your vehicle, then can run you over, yet as I mentioned, you can’t even protect yourself! The obvious result of this, after being killed over and over and over again, and each time losing vast amounts of money relative to the pathetic amount you make in the game, is that players just AVOID each other. Now how much fun is an online game where players spend all their time avoiding and fearing other players, and how long do you think a game like that is going to last?? It’s SO simple! Implement an industry standard FF mode, which is as follows: FF on = you can kill anybody and anybody can kill you at any time, and FF off = you can still access all of your weapons and use them on anything BUT other players, and other players cannot hurt you in any way, shape or form. This allows you to still rob banks, kill cops, and just wreak havoc in general, WITH other players. You can have a whole gaggle of players just laying waste to the city and causing mayhem, without having to worry at ALL about another player killing them intentionally or accidentally (unless a nearby vehicle or propane tank etc. happens to explode and you’re in the blast radius).

    There are TONS of glitches in the game, but the overall core of it is very good. What’s completely and totally failing us is the monetary system that Rockstar has set up for us, and the friendly fire system. Obviously there were HUGE problems with character and vehicle deletions, including my own multiple times, costing me well over $1M in VERY hard earned cash that I spent a couple weeks accumulating, but those are largely behind us now and they need to immediately deal with the monetary issues and more importantly, the FF system. Personally, even if they fixed the monetary system, I don’t see playing the game much longer without a FF fix because I’m sick and tired of having to worry about being killed by some prepubescent nimrod that gets his jollies off of killing other players.

    • TrollyPolly

      Great comment. You nailed it. Red Dead Redemption had a friendly free roam and it was so much fun doing gang hideouts with randoms online.

      • J

        I would play the gang hideouts for hours with randoms in the friendly free roam mode, and it was fun as hell. As things exist now, I mostly play GTAO in private sessions with friends, because we are more interested in the cooperative aspects of the game than a never-ending free roam deathmatch with everyone we encounter. A friendly free roam mode would make playing with randoms fun for us, and we’d probably spend a lot more time in public sessions.

        • Jeffrey Bailly

          i agree with this 100%

  • ceedoubleyou

    It’s clear that Rockstar was dismayed that no one was buying their GTA$ so they keep nerfing the game to make it harder to make money. This is especially galling since we all know that GTA V grossed over a billion dollars in the first three days. How much more do they think can they gouge out of us?

    • C’mon Cuh

      It’s clear you have no idea what you’re talking about. GTA$ have been disabled ever since Day 3 of Release. If people can’t buy them, then why are you talking about nerfing because of low sales?

      • Franky1080

        It’s obvious you don’t understand what you are talking about, actually. When the game first came out online I found a way to make moderately fast – around $9000 every five minutes – which they fixed almost immediately, ignoring all the other issues.

        Why do you think they fixed all the money making methods? Because THEY WANT YOU TO BUY IN GAME MONEY. They stated themselves that they expect microtransactions to make them another £400,000,000 over the next five years – letting people make money quick and easy is bad for that. But good for the players.

        So the nerf it, while ignoring all the other issues. Moron – can’t you see that? So money hungry, like the guy said, trying to gouge as much out of us as possible.

        Please don’t respond with the typical “u dnt hav 2 pay lel” response either, because that’s missing the point.

        • joey

          yea screw the money making system, takes way too long to make $$ now. Well besides glitches, bringin in 100k every two minutes atm, i ain’t paying no real money for game money. And if they punish people for it then they can go neck a D, I bet they’ll say something along the lines of it puts you at an advantage to other players, when and you can quote them on this, they said if people buy game $ with real $ they won’t be at any huge advantages over other players due to level system etc blerghh

  • Nick B

    Can we please have the Hiests, make them amazing take your time, but remember people are craving them!!! 🙂 I think this update will give the players a chance to get a house and get better, but once you have a ton of money the game gets a little boring, just putting that out there i have a lot of money, but I’m still insanely excited for the heists, please make at least 50 or 100 😀 if possible. There are a lot of people doing glitches to get money (Im not) if people continue this this game won’t be as amazing anymore as it is now. Once again if you have a lot of money the game gets a little boring, but the rank determines how far you get. Nick

  • Darren F

    I never use cheat codes and now my single player has got corrupted and it stops me using the phone in single player and in On-line once I select Internet on the phone apart from Quick Save still works. What actually happens is, when I get my phone out, when i select anything apart from Internet, everything is fine. As soon as I select Internet my character puts his phone away. When I get the phone out and select an option, my character puts the phone away again apart from when I select Quick Save. When this happens I can’t switch characters either. No thanks to Rockstar, over another bug my single player and On-line are messed-up where I can’t use the Stock Market in single player and I can’t bank any money in On-line.

  • John

    I’ve had it with Rockstar. Don’t get me wrong I love the game, but these online issues are taking the fun away from the online experience in general. I think about it like this: Rockstar was to release the game in March of this year, so I’ve heard from the people at GS. If they had it would have been worst!
    What really pisses me off is what had recently occurred of me earlier. I had played the game for hours starting with a rank of 38 to 45. Now that may not be a lot, but that s**t took a long time. With over $200,000. I leave to have some dinner with my girlfriend and when I come back to play the next day, I’M LEVEL 38! NOTHING SAVED. I was so pissed, I felt like if someone had just robbed me. After this nothing else saved. I haven’t played it after. Sorry Rockstar, I feel sorry you cant fix these issues after the millions you’ve made.

  • Franklin

    Also i understand the glitches for people in bad sport but really blowing up people personal vehicle and i get put in a bad sport lobby i Thought that was the meaning of Grand Theft Auto. Smh

    • danny

      I agree I had my vehicle destroyed by a player whilst entering LS Customs, I retaliated by blowing him up after he tried to spawn kill me in a car and I have been put in bad sport sever for 2 days for destroying his personal vehicle.

      • Matt

        I’ve destroyed 2 player cars and have been booted (for no reason) from 3 matches but I still haven’t gotten a bad sport thing.

    • Matt

      You would think paying the insurance was punishment enough.

  • Quan

    Come Out With Online Heist and it should be about 50 heists. Point Blank!.

  • Guy

    Before it came out, Rockstar said that GTA Online was going to be about fun and not grinding… Yeah okay. The reason a large and growing amount of people are exploiting the crappy code is because the game itself doesn’t reward playing the game legit. On top of that, just about everything in the game is locked. Go to any game and if there is progression then you will see farming. But R* logic was to nerf the ability to farm missions like Violent Duct, which players had no issue with!

    It’s plain and simple, R* is butthurt because they wanted to charge casual gamers for GTA$ to compete with the hardcore gamers/grinders. The drain on in-game cash at GTA:O’s release is evidence. This would’ve definitely shown on paper. Yet money is STILL a problem for the legit player to earn (and keep). The free GTA$ they’re giving out isn’t going to help anything at all.

    Make a game that’s fun and rewarding, and if R* is too stupid to figure that out, then let us farm missions like Violent Duct or Titan of a Job with proper rewards. Most people are disinterested in glitches but gamers are tired of their second job known as GTA Online.

    To conclude with an answer to the articles main question… Being able to glitch millions of GTA$ is the only reason I’ve continued playing GTA Online.

    I wish the game was rewarding enough for me to want to play it properly.

  • The CrEw

    Yea I’ve got a problem. All these hookers and strippers keep taking all my freakin money, they arn’t even that good, if you know what I mean. Sluts…….

  • Mohammad Karaja

    Can they just please fix the bad sport system. I don’t want to play their game if I can’t play with my friends. It doesn’t make sense to have it.

  • Wesley

    Cash and reputation needs to stop resetting… I’m wasting hours every time I log in…

    • John

      Dude I know! This is annoying as hell! I bet they’re doing this so people loose all their money and we’re forced to buy it with real money.

    • ceedoubleyou

      I have the same problem. I managed to make some money in the stock market finally and was feeling kinda proud of myself , then the next day I log in and profit gone.

  • Dave

    My character still resets every time I log in, so it’s basically Groundhog Day: Online for me.