Forge of Empires Jack O’ Lantern Halloween riddles start

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 25, 2013

It is hard to believe three days went that quick since we reported about Forge of Empires launching Jack O’ Lantern riddles for Halloween 2013. We can now confirm that Jack O’ Lantern is appearing in Forge of Empires and we have had our first riddle to solve this morning.

While we cannot confirm if everyone will start with the same riddles, our Jack O’ Lantern gave a riddle that basically asked us to build decorations, so we did this with the cheapest ones available and that worked just fine.

Our second riddle ended up being about building different types of roads, although we suspect the Halloween tasks in Forge of Empires will get a lot harder each time Jack O’ Lantern sets a new riddle.

If you have had the same Halloween quests in Forge of Empires via the Jack O’ Lantern, then please leave a comment below to confirm everyone gets set the same order. If this is the case, then online gamers can help each other if they get stuck on a certain riddle for the Halloween 2013 event.


Our current Jack O’ Lantern quest can be seen in the screenshot above and at a guess it should be about getting our workers creating supplies. The riddle states, “Get them working, do it with haste, pick up the stuff, and don’t let it waste. The smallest product I want from you, bring me nine o’em and you’ll solve this too”. Small build times this time by the looks of it, and we can confirm that was the solution after doing some 5 minute production times.

The rewards we received in this Halloween event so far are small points packages. In time, we guess the Forge of Empires bonuses will get more attractive.

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  • Diablo4000

    Number 13 got me this time I know recruit five units but what type? Not so light, not so heavy not so range, and not so fast. Five I want amassed. but there one additional task They share the same age this what I ask.
    So what units and what age?

    • Silvery

      I have the same problem. I’ve recruited all types of units, even paid in diamonds for one, all from the same age (iron), and zilch. Can anyone help??

      • Silvery

        Diablo, I found the solution somewhere else. Choose artillery and then make sure you ‘train’ five units. The way I did it, was I built two artillery of the bronze age (I think they are called thrower), to avoid having to use diamonds. Then I made sure I had five units of them at the same time, and bingo, that was it. For the next one I just deleted some cheap shrubbery and I had my graveyard!

  • diablo4000

    Ok I tried to delete five units army units did so didn’t work. The riddle says To reach the next stage Collect form the Bronze Age Then the goal you reach, when you collect five of each. I did delete five army units didn’t work. So what the heck?

    • Mark

      you need to collect 5 of each goods from the bronze age, e.g. 5 wine, 5 stone and so on

      • diablo4000

        OOOOOOHHHH!! Thanks.
        Wait Does this mean five of each item…CRAP! I got only ones for the resources I found. Not of each one…..

        • Simon

          You can just trade your way out of this 🙂

  • sdante

    My quest 10 is different…name is: “collects or collapses” and the rhyme is “to move to the next level, all those bronze age must be present, but your final goal, you have five each in your arsenal”. have you any idea?? Sorry for my english 😀

    • Mark

      you need to collect 5 of each goods from the bronze age, e.g. 5 wine, 5 stone, 5 lumber and so on

  • sdante

    What mean “9/ Spend 13ps on a GB”

    • Daniel

      Spend 13 forge points on a Great Building.

      • sdante


  • Russell

    how are you able to do the quest if you have nothing to explore

  • Mike Itnyre

    Any tips or idea on Explore/Extinction? thinking it is discover new area but not sure.

    • sdante

      yes it is!!!

      • Mike Itnyre

        Thanks, have one finishing in 11 hours.

  • aaa

    task 6: 430 and 40 and 12…
    need to build blacksmith (430 gold, 40 resources, 12 people) x3
    hope this helps

    • Rick Gobius du Sart

      i don’t understand… what i have to do to complete task 6?

      • aaa

        you just have to build blacksmith…

        • aaa

          … 3 times

  • King Pau

    1/ Build 5 decorations.
    2/ build 12 paths.
    3/ 9 productions of 5
    4/ Research a technology
    5/ productions 1 of each time
    7/ Polish 22 buildings
    8/ Research a military technology
    9/ Spend 13ps on a GB
    10/ Delete 5 units
    11/ Build 1 of each building..1 decoration..path and so on.
    12/ Aquire 2 territories
    13/ Recruit 5 units
    14/ Sell 3 buildings from your current age… (Reward “GRAVEYARD”)
    15/ Spend 24 Fps (Reward “SCARECROW”)

    • silvery

      I don’t get number 10: I’ve tried deleting a house, a decoration and a pottery, but nothing seems to work. What sort of UNIT do you have to delete and how?

      • sug

        your army units

        • silvery



      how about.
      You have to go out and explore. Only this, and nothing more.

    • Silvery

      another question: what about 13/ recruit 5 units? I’ve been training soldiers and warriors and what have you like crazy, and I don’t even have one out of five yet. I even used diamonds to train a fifth soldier, and all from the same age (iron age) and nothing.
      By the way, King Pau, thanks for this list, it has already helped me a lot!

  • sdante

    task 6?

    • jdubbz

      I also am at task 6

      430 and 40 and 12 I say , Build it and build it and build it, i pray !!

      any one else this far yet ?

      • pedruuu81

        build 3 blacksith (ferreiro)

  • Paul Tipler

    I’ve had the riddles in the same order so far..
    Build Times

    • Thanks Paul, so we are all in the same order.”This I say without fear: I know you’ll have a great idea! Show it to me once you’re done. Only this and you’ll have won!”. It states required idea or idle, great fun so far.

      • djcwey

        Yes. Same order:-
        Task One: build decorations (reward – medium forge package);
        Task Two: build/upgrade roads (reward – medium forge package?)
        Task Three: perform 5 minute production cycle nine times (reward – hidden reward: I got 6000 coins and another player I know got 3000 coins);
        Task Four: research and unlock a technology (reward: one Blueprint piece for a Great Building)…
        Task Five: “produce or perish” – production again, but not completed thus far, so not sure what achievement criteria is (as I recall it is a 6 point quest – I did 5 minute production cycle and it count for 1 of 6 points, but second 5 minute production cycle didn’t? So maybe have to perform all 6 timed production cycles once i.e. 5 mins, 15 mins, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours and 1 day)?

        • R. de Boer

          Task 2 When i build roads i only get 6 points. Building more roads doesn’t give me extra points to finish the mission?

        • djcwey

          Confused me a bit, as I assumed I had to build 12 sections of road, but task was complete after upgrading only 4 sections of road. So I assume like some of the ‘standard’ quests, the measure is increase in happiness – hence the higher the level of road the less number of individual sections required to achieve the requirements of the task?

        • troxxel

          build higher level roads for the second 6 points.

      • mario

        “This I say without fear: I know you’ll have a great idea! Show it to me once you’re done. Only this and you’ll have won!”.
        what I need to do??????