Bitstrips app for iPad, iPhone and Android

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 23, 2013

The Bitstrips app v1.1.7 launched for iPad, iPhone 5, 4S and iOS users that own an iPod touch in the last couple of days. Android users received the same update a few days earlier on Google play.

This application allows you to share comic messages with friends and family, but Product Reviews readers might know about the Bitstrips app for Facebook and schools as well.

Within the latest Bitstrips release notes on the App Store it explains a few problems have been fixed, which include a login error, the ability to reset your gender and improved loading and sharing.

Bitstrips app for iPad screenshots

Bitstrips app for iPad screenshots

The main features of Bitstrips app and a reason so many kids love it will be the ability to design a cartoon version of people, also being able to put your friends in funny comics, and the Bitstrips app works with Facebook so you can share feelings with cartoon status updates.

There are well over 1000 templates that can be customized and you will find more added most days. It is worth noting that a few people did have problems with this latest update to the Bitstrips app, and ratings have dropped to just 2 stars on iTunes for the latest version. Some users state the app won’t connect to Facebook “I can’t get it working thanks to connection errors”, said one user.

You can download the Bitstrips app for iPhone or iPad directly on the iTunes store, or on Android with Google play. If you are looking for a way to connect to the Bitstrips app on Facebook then head to the official login page, or see the schools login for this comics online version well known in education.

We should point out that the feedback with the Bitstrips app for Android is a lot more positive than found for iPad and iPhone, so with this in-mind leave a comment below with how good the comic app is working on your platform.

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  • Mikkie Scofield

    I want it for my Windows phone how do I get it

  • Judy

    Error message signing on with iPad. Have been having problems for a long time. Used to log in fine.

  • Jen

    Won’t connect to Facebook on my iPhone 5 – never had problem before. 😞

  • Gitte

    Any updates on signing in, i can’t sign in via facebook on mu ipad……haven’t been alle to for weeks!! Have tried uninstalling and installing again…..but it’s still not working.
    Anybody got any ideas???

  • Melinda Young

    Bitstrips error logging in now, someone please help me fix this. I never had a problem until yesterday. Apple ipad I uninstalled and installed it back already and still the same problem.

  • Princess R

    Everything works fine but i can’t create a comic 🙁 i am using iphone5.

  • Fawkes Harkness Becker

    Can’t get it to work on my L 5 2. It says the app won’t launch and when I try to get to support it won’t launch either, post updates. My friend got it to work on hers the night before I tried? Is it too much traffick or am I doing something wrong?

  • Poison Ivy

    Usage intermittence… Had error connections now and won’t launch. Do I need to delete app and re-install again on my ipad mini for the third time (everytime it crashes)? It’s a pity the app is really fun but a big problematic.

  • Joe Procter

    Cottage cheese thighs makes me giggle!

  • Walter Wilson

    Hmm the app still down? Doesnt work on IPAD or my Galaxy S2

  • Rhonda

    Finally, someone understands me!! 🙂 Thank you LiveSovereign and Dan Herzeleid! Now please let me know when the whambulance gets here to fix this thing, and please bring me a mimosa! I love you guys! 😉

  • Linz

    It keep screwing up. It blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhonda

    I can’t get it to work on my ipad. It’s very annoying! When I asked for help from tech support I got a lot of “techy” blah, blah, blah that I didn’t understand. I just want it to work! Why can’t it just work?!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!!

    • LiveSovereign

      Translation: “I don’t want to learn anything about my toy. I just want to play with it!”

    • Whambulance has been called.

  • NYCKim

    It is a lot of fun to play with and is really hot right now on FB. But the app is huge and takes up a ton of space on your phone.