Battlefield 4 Vs Call of Duty Ghosts after launch trailers

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2013

Following on from the release of the somewhat ‘controversial’ Battlefield 4 launch trailer, we now give you an opportunity to cast your final decision between which game is better. Will you be picking up Battlefield 4, or will you opt for the latest COD game in Call of Duty Ghosts?

The good news, is that you can now sit back and enjoy both launch trailers back to back, as Activision only just unleashed the COD Ghosts launch trailer days ago. Even then though, you probably have already made your mind up on which game to get this year.

Despite the criticisms, gamers still go back to Call of Duty year on year, because they love the quick arcade fix that multiplayer offers when time is limited. It’s ideal if this is your style of play, but obviously those that prefer a more tactical FPS gaming fix should go for Battlefield 4 every time.

Both games are looking amazing from what we have seen from early previews, but which is going to get your money? Are you even planning to buy both, or perhaps buy one then trade it in to try out the other – some hard decisions are going to have to be made.

We’ve included both launch trailers for Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 below. Enjoy them both and let us know your final conclusions on both games. Which one edges it for you and why?

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  • Scott and Ann Johnson

    I decided after buying MW3 back when it came out that I was done being ripped off. Don’t get me wrong, call of duty is a genre defining series, but the last time it actually redefined the genre was way back with Call of Duty 4. It was fresh, with amazing graphics and gameplay for the time. But that was then. Until call of duty actually improves and stops repackaging the exact same game over and over again, I’m done.

    I’m getting Battlefield 4. Its fresher, its bigger, prettier and just simply better. It shouldn’t even be a competition as to which is ‘best’. But I understand why it is. Call of Duty goes at a much quicker pace, both in terms of action and actual time between games. As this article says, its a quick fix.

    • LessChangeIsMore

      I get how you can say BF is better than CoD. But how can you say BF4 is fresher than Ghosts. BF4 looks similar (but better) than BF3. Ghosts looks similar (but better) than MW3. So, to me, BF4 is no fresher than Ghosts. Don’t get me wrong, I love BF and CoD. But, for that reason, I don’t mind that each new iteration does nothing to drastically change what I already like. For instance, I did not like the new RTS style missions in BO2 campaign. I like CoD to be CoD and BF to be BF.

      • Scott and Ann Johnson

        You’re right. I apologize for not making my statement that clear in terms of what I was trying to say.

        For me, Battlefield is fresher as I only got on board with the series with the first bad company. Each game since then has made satisfactory improvements, graphically, tweaks to gameplay, scale etc. I wasn’t massively impressed with BC 1, I enjoyed BC 2 a little more, but I thought it was still a little behind COD. But in battlefield 3 the gameplay felt noticeably better, smoother gun play etc,while also making graphical improvements. COD in the same time frame has made near to no improvements that I care about. When I played MW3, it was already stale within mere hours. I was like, this is awesome, how is it that I’m yawning with all this action going on? The reason is that ive already played it a million times before.

        If you’re relatively new to both series, then its more of a toss up. COD ghosts will be a quality game, I have no doubt of that. Its just that, as I said, its a quality game that I’ve overplayed and its just gotten stale. I’ve not played ghosts yet and I know that I’m stale of it already. From everything I’ve seen, its still just COD, I refuse to spend any more money on a game that I’ve already bought many times over. I’ve bought on, or near release day every single COD game ever, up till black ops 2.

        If I’m going back in board with COD again one day they will have to utilise the next gen technology to do something amazing, which, is certainly a possible.

        • johnrazor

          I began the series with Modern Warfare 2. It had (and has) almost everything I every wanted in an fps: an immersive and impressive atmosphere, a great soundtrack, and awesome gameplay. The singleplayer was beautiful, and missions like Of their Own Accord hold up their own brilliantly to this very day. But after every cod that came after, none of them were ever able to replicate that first experience. I hated Black Ops (it had a generic and completely unimmersive soundtrack, not even close to Modern Warfare 2 graphics on the PS3, and a yawn worthy campaign) Modern Warfare 3 was “alright,” and Black Ops 2 was the same crap all over again.

          Battlefield 3 has the only fps multiplayer experience I’ve ever enjoyed. It’s balanced, it’s action packed, and I’ve seen many “only in Battlefield moments” (darn their advertising has infiltrated my brain!). It’s singleplayer was extremely underwhelming, but it’s multiplayer more than made up for it.

          When it comes down to it, neither of these games really look all that exciting to me. Battlefield 4 looks very similar to BF3, with changes that I’m not really all that impressed with so far.

        • Scott and Ann Johnson

          Agree that the changes/improvements in both titles this time around aren’t massive. But, for me, there’s still some mileage with battlefield before it becomes stale. That said, if Battlefield 5 turned out to be COD like in its advancements, I’d be done with this series too.

          When I first played call of duty 4, I was blown away by its multiplayer, and for many years following, I’d say 50% of my game time was multiplayer, whether it be in Halo, COD, Battlefield etc. But, I’ve started to get stale of the arena multiplayer style actually in itself, as my game time is now mostly single player, as I prefer the emphasis on story etc. Perhaps this next generation will give developers the tools to truly reinvent the multiplayer experience, blur the boundaries between single player and multiplayer. Titanfall thus far doesnt interest me as it appears to be too action oriented, and I would likely get bored of it in under 12 hours, but, what I do like is what a game like that implies for the future of multiplayer and single player experiences.

          Though, I’ll be getting a ps4, after the launch wave that is. That means I’ll likely be missing out on titanfall anyway.