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Watch iPad keynote event live online with Apple

Several hours ago we were looking at our Apple TV and saw that you would be able to watch the iPad keynote event live, as we were looking to download the next load of TV shows. You will see this with the Events tab, and will be how we will be watching the event later.

However, we fully understand that not everyone has an Apple TV, and so will be following the events via a few live blogs. However, unlike last month, Apple has decided to allow you to watch the Apple iPad keynote online. You can do this by heading over to their official website.

Last year you did not have to be a Mac user to watch the event, as Windows devices were also supported. However, this is not the case this year, as there does not seem to be any Windows support. You can view the live video stream of the special media event here, as the page just went live.

The Apple keynote will be streamed live
The Apple keynote will be streamed live

We have to wonder why Apple would limit access to the live stream, as this is a sure way to alienate consumers? What we also find strange is how Apple did not offer live coverage of last month’s event, although it was held at a smaller venue, and did not have as many products to unveil.

Please let us know how you plan to watch Apple’s keynote later today, and what products you are looking forward to seeing the most, ours is the iPad 5?



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