Titanfall PS4 release rumors, but Microsoft isn’t worried

By Alan Ng - Oct 22, 2013

One game that won’t be available as an Xbox One launch title, but is one of the most anticipated is Titanfall. The shooter from the creators of Call of Duty is looking fantastic, but unfortunately remains an exclusive on Microsoft platforms for now.

We say for now, as there are some amazing rumors this week that are starting to emerge, suggesting that Titanfall could actually end up as a timed-exclusive, rather than an Xbox console exclusive permanently.

Titanfall is being published by EA remember, whilst being developed by Respawn Entertainment – a company which has partnered with EA to bring Titanfall to gamers as the first game in the company’s portfolio. Could we actually see the game appear on the PS4 though in the distant future?

This possibility would have looked a million years away a few months ago, but now it appears that there may be some solid light at the end of the tunnel. Just listen to this quote from Microsoft’s Major Nelson, when asked on Reddit by a user if Titanfall was a timed-exclusive and would be heading to PS4 later on:

“As far as being an exclusive that’s really a question for Titanfall – I’m not worried about it though.”

If Titanfall was an Xbox console exclusive, surely he would want to boast this fact and just end the speculation there and then. However, Major Nelson doesn’t do this, and even concedes that he wouldn’t be ‘worried’ if the game did turn up on PS4 at a later date.

Is this evidence that Titanfall is in fact a timed-exclusive, which Microsoft has paid for to keep it away from the PS3 and PS4 for a specific period of time? Give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • Jane Doe

    Going to be Epic on the Xbox One… Along with Halo 5 and Crimson Dragon… etc.. Epic

  • Coody

    Of COURSE it’s gonna be on PS4 at some point. Who wrote this article? It would’ve been impossible to think it would be on PS4 at all a few months ago?

    Does he have ANY clue about the gaming industry? If he did he would know that it’s published by EA. The greediest publisher of them all and NO game of theirs wouldn’t be on all systems, let alone a game like Titanfall that will sell well.

    There’s about as much chance of Titanfall not being on PS4 as FIFA or Call of Duty being an Xbox exclusive. Not going to happen.

    Microsoft will have just paid EA to have it as a timed exclusive with a clause for even more money forbidding EA from revealing any PS4 details for a certain amount of time.

    • NgTurbo

      What do you have to say for yourself now Coody? Titanfall 1 is a Microsoft exclusive, permanently.. confirmed by Respawn. Start grovelling.

      • Coody

        Yes I was wrong. Grovelling is a bit strong but I was very surprised it’s not going to be on a PS. But the sequels will and all anyone with a PS4 has to do if they want to play it THAT much is buy it on PC.

        See cos for whatever reason, Xbox just can’t do REAL exclusives can they?

        I’m not as hypocritical as Xbox fanboys (who hate on Sony but yet 99% of them owned a PS2 and LOVED it) to deny when I was wrong and like so many others I was, I was TOTALLY wrong.

        But it’s hardly an Xbox exclusive and MS can’t take credit anyway. It’s not like a Sony Exclusive like Uncharted or The Last of Us that were actually made by a Sony developer. It’s just MS throwing money at it.

        You have Titanfall 1. We’ll just have to get by on REAL world beating exclusives from world beating developers. All of which helped to make PS3 the 360 thrasher that it is now (after having a 14 month head start btw!)

  • Tom Daly

    I thought that it was a confirmed timed-exclusive

  • CA$H

    F#%K waiting over a year to play this joint , this is day one material

  • Kevin

    Hope it comes to ps4 it looks awesome 😜