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PS4 party voice chat limit with PS Vita heaven

We have some great news for those buying the PS4, but already have a PS Vita at the ready. One of the big features that is coming to the new system is party chat, a feature that was inexplicably absent on the PS3. Now, we have confirmation of how many players it is going to support and we think you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Without further ado, we are happy to confirm that the PS4 party chat app is going to have support for up to 8 players at once. As expected, you’ll be able to go in and out of games whilst still connected to your friends – with everyone having an audio solution right out of the box with the included in-ear headset.

Better yet, these eight players also includes those with a PS Vita. Vita users will be able to find the same chat room that is present on PS4, allowing them to join in the action from a handheld seamlessly. It is going to be a great feature to have on PS4/Vita cross-play titles – just imagine the fun you can have during tournaments.

One example in the future: EA releases the next FIFA game on PS4, with proper cross-play support for the PS Vita. You and your friends are having a tournament and chatting away endlessly on PS4 and PS Vita as the matches progress in front of you – these experiences could be amazing.

Apologies if you already knew about the 8-player support, but it’s definitely a big plus that you needed reminding amount as we count down towards launch.

Are you looking forward to using PS4 party chat at last?



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