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Pokemon X and Y WiFi battle with Yveltal Vs Xerneas

You have seen plenty of Pokemon X and Y gameplay in the build up to and after the game has released, but how many of you have have had the opportunity to participate in a Pokemon X and Y WiFi battle? For those looking to see how this works, we have an excellent preview for you to enjoy – showing an epic WiFi encounter between legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal.

Pokemon X and Y not only comes with the ability to challenge other 3DS users in a nearby vicinity, but also allows you to take your system online and challenge other Pokemon users via WiFi. We’re not sure if many of you have tried this feature yet as you currently remain addicted to the main quest – but great challenges await you when you do decide to try online battle mode.

To give you an idea of just how epic things can get, feast your eyes on this showdown between Xerneas and Yveltal. The two main mascots of Pokemon X and Y are very strong with their own unique abilities, but which one remains the strongest?

It looks like Yveltal has this particular battle in the bag, especially after using Phantom Force, dodging Xerneas’ attack in the process and then reappearing to use Phantom Force again. However, despite being on critical health, Xerneas pulls out a super effective Moonblast which takes off all of Yveltal’s remaining health for the victory.

Does this mean that Xerneas is better than Yveltal overall, or do you have something to say on this argument? Watch the WiFi battle below and let us know if you have had any epic online encounters to share.



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