Minecraft 1.7 new features during release wait

By Peter Chubb - Oct 22, 2013

Since we saw Minecraft 1.7 snapshot downloads a couple of days ago, fans have now started to become eager over some of the new features that will be included in the next update. The changes are extensive, and so should be able to keep the fans happy.

Minecraft 1.7 new features – The previous update brought with it some much-needed features, but there were still some key elements missing, and so we hope that version 1.7 will be able to rectify this? Looking on Minecraft Wiki we can already see some of the upcoming features.

The planned Minecraft changes are broken down into categories, such as World Generation, Gameplay, Blocks & Items, Mobs, General, and most importantly, Bug Fixes.

There are 73 Minecraft bug fixes planned in all, and as for those other updates, the list is extensive so you should head over to the source above to learn more.

As for the Minecraft 1.7 release date, there is still no news on this yet. Do these changes go far enough, or would you like to see more added to the wish list, such as these?

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