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iPad Mini 2 gold pictures before event excitement

The Apple iPad event countdown may now be officially on, but there is still time to inform you about some massive rumors. New pictures have emerged, suggesting that Apple may show the iPad Mini 2 gold version after all, despite rumors saying that it wouldn’t be coming.

There is just hours to go until Apple’s event kicks off at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco, but it again looks as if one major secret of the event has been spilled. Photos have been spotted over in France, appearing to put truth to the claims that Apple has a gold iPad Mini 2 in the works as well, following on from the very popular iPhone 5S in gold.

It’s just a color to some, but tell that to consumers in Hong Kong who would probably rip your arm off to get hold of one, considering the high black market price for the gold variant at the moment. With this in mind, feast your eyes on these photos that the guys over at NowhereElse have uploaded.

We see two images of the gold iPad Mini 2 – one which shows the gold back casing and another that shows the front of the device. Pay attention to the front one, as it also looks to confirm that the iPad Mini 2 is going to have a Touch ID sensor as well on the home button.

You are gold, gold!
You are gold, gold!

This is somewhat interesting, as we have been hearing for weeks that we wouldn’t see a gold version of the new iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2 and that the smaller version wouldn’t come with a Touch ID either – just a Retina Display upgrade.

It’s obviously fantastic news if it turns out to be true, but let’s see what happens. Let us know below if you would be willing to buy the gold iPad Mini 2, should it become available.



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