HTC smartwatch functional with no gimmicks questioned

By Marlon Votta - Oct 22, 2013

When it comes smartwatches the word gimmick has been mentioned quite a bit, and for those of us who are still not sold by this idea we are wondering what it would take to get us interested in this idea. When I look at my Giorgio Armani watch I use for best or my tatty old timer that holds sentimental value I realize that I only need to wear one watch at a time, so what does a smartwatch really bring to the table?

This has given us reason to question whether a smartwatch is an ideal acquisition and with news that HTC are reportedly building an Android smartwatch they highlight the notion that this watch will be more than just a gimmick. Discussing this, Engadget reports on the Android-based smartwatch that is expected to come out late next year, which will apparently sport a camera.

A camera on a watch seems like something from a James Bond movie, and this has caught our attention, while HTC CEO Peter Chou has recently revealed work on an intelligent watch with Microsoft he also referred to other current high-tech wristwatches as “gimmick” experiences.

We understand his comments about a product that has to meet a need, otherwise it is classed as just a “gimmick“. This is where they are looking to provide more than the competition, although we are yet to see any features, specs, concept designs or price forecasts.

While some may feel that a company saying this is not going to be gimmick normally means it will be, even the concept of a camera on a watch seems to be gimmicky. In addition, those unimpressed with Beats headphones may feel that HTC is full of gimmicks. With that in mind, we were wondering if you have seen any attractive smartwatches that you have given some thought to.

Last month we highlighted the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Gear vs. Sony SmartWatch 2, and this article provides more insight into these smartwatches, with the emphasis on the Sony SmartWatch 2 showing a hands-on video.

For those wanting to know more about these different gadgets we talked about specific devices working better with similar branded products and those contemplating a smartwatch may find that getting something like Galaxy Gear would work better with likes of your Galaxy smartphone. Therefore, we would love to know whether you have contemplated acquiring a smartwatch to coincide with your current devices. Or do you feel the whole concept of a smartwatch is just a gimmick regardless of its features?

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  • carbonware

    The only smart watch that has held my attention is the Motorola. It does not look like a toy, it appears to be a watch that adults who are not IT techs could still wear in public and not feel childish. Motorola is attempting to takes it’s time to ensure the watch is functionally useful too. I have an HTC One so I doubt it will be compatible.

  • FullerxspectruM

    I have an HTC One, so an HTC companion device is more appealing to me than others. Even if that’s their plan, I have no problem going with it.