BBM for iPod touch MIA as iPad supported

- Oct 22, 2013

The lack of BBM for iPod touch has upset thousands of people that thought the app would release on their device rather than iPad. Previously, we saw evidence pointing to BBM launching on iPhone and Android, but most people thought the chat app would not release on iPad although iPod touch support is normally standard when an iPhone receives the app.

We highlighted the fact that BBM finally went live for download yesterday, and since this article Product Reviews has received feedback from our readers in-regard to the lack of BBM for iPod touch. “It sucks that the app is not compatible with iPod touch”, said one commenter.


Another stated, “It is really strange why the iPad is supported by BBM, but not the iPod touch considering the 5th generation is pretty powerful. I prefer owning an iPod touch to an iPhone, as I don’t like contracts”.

This iPod touch owner is not alone and thousands of people running iOS on the device are looking for information. They wonder when BBM might see a release date for at least iPod touch 5G, although this launch may never arrive.

At the time of writing you can download BBM on iTunes for iPhone, iPad 2 and upward, as long as these devices run iOS 6 or iOS 7. Some users claim that the user interface has a few problems with being “slow and laggy”, but overall most people are excited to finally get BlackBerry Messenger on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Have you tried BBM on iPad and iPhone yet, or are you crying out for iPod touch support?

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  • Fatma

    I have an iPad mini and I download bbm! It worked and it’s so nice after 3 weeks I bought an iPod 5 and now am so mad because there’s no bbm on it! .. Is there a chance to get bbm ??

  • Amy

    How do I download bbm on iPad

  • Arun MR Nair

    not working in iPod touch 5th GEN

  • helllaaaaa

    IPOD touch 5th gen should get BBM! It’s more credible than the ipad mini just so you know

  • Vicky Bro


  • guest

    I deleted BBM off my android and my wife did the same on her iphone. There was no point having it when we couldn’t BBM with the kids on their ipods. Why they would leave ipods out is beyond me.

  • soha

    its very wrong that iPod 4g is restricted with whats-app,ios 7 and now BBM! this isn’t fair!! why would we buy such a expensive thing if its restricted with half of the things! please i request you to at least allow bbm for all the iPods!please this isn’t fair!! arghhhh

  • Curser/Woopsie Guy

    ipod 5th gen should of gotten bbm also, i mean how can blackberry make it available for the ipad and bbm isnt even available on their own playbook tablet (minus the bridging app)

  • iPod user

    IPOD 5th GEN WANTS BBM !!!!!!!!!

  • Disgusted me

    I dont understand why they created iPod touch (4g) when they made sure not to make any good thing available to them! like iOS 7!!! and now BBM??? WTH!

  • Robert shrubsall

    Apple are a waste of time it stupid not to have ipod supported because people buy your products for the apps.

    • annoyedipodtouch5genuser

      its nothing to do with apple, it is blackberry who havent made it compatible

  • liv

    should have it on ipod fgs

  • Arisha

    It bloody sucks that u can’t have it on iPods seriously

  • chloe

    so it does work on the ipad but not the ipod? that sucks

    • YouAreLyingBro

      Ipad has 3g support. Thats the main difference. It wants you to be able to be connected at all times.

      • Anitesh Jaswal

        My iPad 4 is a WiFi only iPad, yet BBM works just fine for me? thats what doesn’t make sense.

        • YouAreLyingBro

          Still I’m pretty sure all IPads are 3g+ compatible. As in, if you wanted, you could at some point enable data. Otherwise I’m stumped.

        • john

          you can’t enable data plans on a WiFi only iPad model, because it doesn’t have a 3G antenna.Still i have it on my iPad but not on my iPod?

  • Nats

    That’s the one thing I hate about APPLE if I’m pay hundreds for your products make sure all apps work on all Appel devices not just the iphone or Ipad with wifi +3G … Annoying!

    • YouAreLyingBro

      You realize that this release has nothing to do with Apple…right? It is Blackberry who developed the app. They are the one who put restrictions on the compatibility with Ipod touches. So don’t be a hater.

    • tv_gadget

      first it has literaly NOTHING to do with apple,and if your talking about paid users then ask blackberry why they wont make this available for their own tablet.

  • Maryam

    Ittss suckss that it doesnt work in ipod 5s WEE NEED A BBM !

  • Davith

    The iPhone version works in x2 mode but no proper iPad app. Prefer to use it on android as it’s so fast compared the iOS app.