Battlefield 4 trailer with dog punch divides opinion

Following on from the release of the Call of Duty Ghosts launch trailer, EA has wasted no time in unleashing their own launch trailer for Battlefield 4. It looks fantastic overall, but there appears to be one scene in the trailer that is leaving a sour taste in some people’s mouths.

That scene features one of the main characters punching a dog straight in the face, complete with sound effects that may be uncomfortable to one or two dog lovers out there.

Obviously this is an attempt to insert a bit of comedy into the game, as we all know that the rival game Call of Duty Ghosts is going to be centered around a German Shepherd dog named Riley. Is this a bit of harmless fun by DICE and EA, or do you think it is going a little bit too far?

Right or wrong?

Opinion seems to be divided at the moment. Some obviously see no problem with a player punching a dog in the face, but others are finding it a little hard to see the funny side of DICE’s actions. We’ve included some Tweets below, just to give you an idea of what some people are saying about it.

What are your honest thoughts on the dog punching scene? Watch it at 1:36 in the video and let us know if you think it is going a bit too far, or perfectly fine – we welcome debate on this below.



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