Battlefield 4 trailer with dog punch divides opinion

By Alan Ng - Oct 22, 2013

Following on from the release of the Call of Duty Ghosts launch trailer, EA has wasted no time in unleashing their own launch trailer for Battlefield 4. It looks fantastic overall, but there appears to be one scene in the trailer that is leaving a sour taste in some people’s mouths.

That scene features one of the main characters punching a dog straight in the face, complete with sound effects that may be uncomfortable to one or two dog lovers out there.

Obviously this is an attempt to insert a bit of comedy into the game, as we all know that the rival game Call of Duty Ghosts is going to be centered around a German Shepherd dog named Riley. Is this a bit of harmless fun by DICE and EA, or do you think it is going a little bit too far?

Right or wrong?

Opinion seems to be divided at the moment. Some obviously see no problem with a player punching a dog in the face, but others are finding it a little hard to see the funny side of DICE’s actions. We’ve included some Tweets below, just to give you an idea of what some people are saying about it.

What are your honest thoughts on the dog punching scene? Watch it at 1:36 in the video and let us know if you think it is going a bit too far, or perfectly fine – we welcome debate on this below.

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  • Jordy

    You could also see this in the very first singleplayer trailer, so it’s nothing new

  • Dan

    So people don’t have a problem when a dog beats up the guy, but when it’s the other way around there’s outcry…
    Also IT’S NOT A REAL DOG! – it’s a group of polygons make to look like the shape of a dog, with textures – i remember people saying similar things about Metal Gear Rising – and how slicing up an AI enemy was a sign of a psychopath – it’s no different that slicing the melons in the training as they’re also just polygons.

  • imranfarid123

    Yes, keep punching Riley until it’s skeleton is the only thing left.I want every COD fans see it and then cry out.Post every websites.Hurry Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • redavutstuvader

    no one seems to be complaining about the people dying.

  • hoodium

    This was the best moment ever in a game trailer.
    And hell, i don’t even care at all about BF or COD…but the reference to COD: priceless and epic.

  • Jeremy

    Oh that poor puppy just got punched in the face! Awwwwww I’m so sad cuz it really happened! I saw it! It was on TV! Oh wait, it a VIDEO GAME!

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    relax its just BF killing ghosts
    beside i killed a lot of dogs in V by burning them shooting them car crash and even kicking them 😉

    • imranfarid123

      Only! I used an RPG-7 on five dogs each.

      • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

        i used mini-gun on a group of ghazals

        it was fun ^_^

  • Steven Carpenter

    For all the animal lovers. I’m an animal lover to the fullest. But, first, IT’S A VIDEO GAME, we learn this growing up. It’s not like a dog is REALLY getting beat to death. And second, if you were getting attacked by dogs who were trained to be killing machines, would you A.) Hold your arms out and take a chomp to the throat for all the puppies out there or B.) Do what any rational human would do and defend yourself (and if it happens to be too life threatening then you have no choice but to put the dog down). Hmm. . . sad how we have to stand up for things that aren’t happening in the REAL world but over video games, television, and movies. It’s pretty pathetic.

    • Batsu

      Can’t up vote this enough.

  • Justice

    Thats a trained Russian attack dog. Tell me you wouldn’t try to defend yourself if all it took was one wrong move and there goes your jugular as the dog latches onto it.

    Ohh…and its a GAME! We saw far worse from CoD; MW2 with the “No Russian” scene.

    • Guest

      He should have raped it instead.

  • Robert Racye

    OMG…grow up people. First of all, it’s not a real dog. Secondly, it’s just a symbolic jab at COD. Thirdly, the scenario is it’s trained attack dog attacking a solder in a war setting. Enough with this, “how could you hit a doggie” crap. Grow the fk up.

    • Payy Odoor

      Thank you! All these people need to grow a backbone. If it was a real person punching a real dog its understandable but it isn’t.

      • James Bauer

        or to be even more accurate, if it was a real person punching a real defenseless dog, not an attack dog trained to kill them…

        • Payy Odoor

          Close enough.

  • Vulsker

    I haven’t played much of any Battlefield and I regularly play COD…but this is damn funny. Can’t blame a company for bringing it hard to the other. I think both games will rock!

    • imranfarid123

      This is the most funniest of objects and the poor COD fans have nothing to do except weep.


    If it was a puppy being punched I would be upset but a dog breed like that is well capable of ripping that soldiers junk off!

  • puppy boy

    Not cool man. Innocent dog. Although it’s trained to kill so best not to mention it.
    Best thing to do is leave it out.

    • Robert Racye

      you are an idiot …grow up.

  • Jean-François Simard

    LOL srsly, they kill ppl nonstop and you would get annoyed for a dog being punched? Plus this scene is part of the 17-minute gameplay trailer they released at the very beginning of the bf4 announcement and you can see the dog attacking him. I find it pretty cool they brought it back in the short trailer to hit CoD lol.

  • It’s a simulated war. Seriously people… That’s like saying, “I’m so sorry I hurt an animal when I tried to shoot you with that head shot.”

  • them

    call of duty 4 had you snapping dogs necks….

    and no I didn’t find it offensive it was pretty funny but the world has bigger problems than this!

    • NgTurbo

      Fair argument, thanks!