2014 Nexus 7 3rd generation rumors mount

By Peter Chubb - Oct 22, 2013

The Google Nexus 7 was released in July, with the Wi-Fi + Cellular version coming two months later, so it seems a little premature to be discussing next year’s model. However, with a development happening earlier this month, we thought we would take a closer look into the third-generation of the tablet.

Google has teamed up with ASUS on two occasions with the Nexus 7, but this might not be the case next year because Google is considering moving away from ASUS. This must be the reason that the laptop, tablet and smartphone maker has now started to ramp up production of their own branded tablets?

Who will make the 2014 Nexus 7 3rd generation? With rumors that LG were going to pull out of the Nexus 5, we have to wonder if it will be all change next year, or if LG will build both the Nexus 5 and 7 in 2014?

The Nexus 7 for 2014 could come with a complete redesign

The Nexus 7 for 2014 could come with a complete redesign

However, there is a strong possibility that Google could use Motorola to start building Nexus devices, which means it could be more of an in-house operation? Who knows, maybe Google and Moto could become the new Apple, where there could be a close relationship between the team who creates the software and hardware?

While there may not be a Nexus 7 3 wish list just yet because the current tablet is so new, we are sure there are a few issues that you will like to see addressed with the next version? We would also like to ask what would be your ideal brand for the 3rd-gen Nexus 7 in 2014?

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  • Cory

    the only manufacturer that could make this tablet better would be apple obviously, android what?

    • Per Lunqvist

      And twice as expensive, plus a pain in the ass to use. Had a few friends at work who spend 30min discussing how to ad movies without changing the formats and use the hdd connected to the router. Even the best solution was a mother pain in the ass. Android, put it in the folder done, open Dropbox etc done, pirateBay click download done.
      Surf the web and watch a movie split screen, done.
      Watch YouTube videos without retarded youtube app, done. The list never ends.

      Apple have some nice hardware but IOS is retarded beyond help.

  • Syed Tayyab Abbas

    I really wish that Google would release a windows tablet soon 🙂

    • Jake Crowe

      That would never happen since google owns Android, it would be like a windows Apple phone.

      • Syed Tayyab Abbas

        Well they could do it if they release a notebook sized tablet with RT version of Windows just like the Surface pro 2 :p but beggars cant be choosy.

    • Noah Topolinski

      I would love to see Google make the 3rd gen nexus in house at their Motorola factory with a premium and standard economy version of the tablet, maybe the premium one could be waterproof or super slim and made of ceramic like the nexus 5 keys. I think that would be cool.

      • Noah Topolinski

        And have a octo-core 3ghz processor with 5gb of ram that would completely smoke out the competition in terms of speed. Just like chrome did with Firefox.

        • Syed Tayyab Abbas

          Actually if they just use 64-bit processors the performance would just increase that much with the old specs but Apple always taking the frontline in every thing

        • Daniel

          Apple takes the frontline with many products but they are always too expensive. Personally I think Apple is trying tocreate their own device-ecosystem that is very strict with access to other non-apple services.

  • SubX

    I hope Google team up with HTC to bring the new nexus. Give people a chance to own a well made, quality product. It will also help HTC gain some much deserved recognition.

  • Paul Stiff

    I think I’d love to see HTC bring some of their build quality and design to the mix. The nexus kit always has the best of software but always lacked on design and feel in my opinion. Bring on a design and feel of the HTC One coupled with the nexus way of thinking and you’re on to a winner. Apple who?