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Xbox One headset bombshell for Turtle Beach users

We have some bad news for Xbox 360 owners now, especially to those that are planning on upgrading to the Xbox One on November 22. If you were looking to use your existing Xbox 360 headset straight away on day one, either a Microsoft one or third-party Turtle Beach headset, we can confirm that you won’t be able to.

It has now been confirmed by Turtle Beach, that the adapter needed to add support for the Xbox One console has in fact been delayed. While the Xbox One console will ship with a headset out of the box, many gamers will still prefer to use their luxurious Turtle Beach headset, the same headset that they have been using and have been comfortable with for months.

Unfortunately though, you won’t be able to do this straight away. Perhaps worst of all – Microsoft has decided to keep this hidden for the moment. Instead, the confirmation has come from Turtle Beach themselves, with a statement via press release confirming an extension to their ongoing partnership with Microsoft.

Is this a big deal for you or not? If the Xbox One is shipping with a chat accessory out of the box, then many gamers may not be too fussed over this. However, the audio quality on the Turtle Beach lineup is second to none so it would have been a nice option to have them available at launch.

However, it won’t be possible now until sometime in 2014 – this also includes the official Xbox 360 headset as well. This echoes a similar situation for Sony fans, with the company also confirming that their official PS3 headset won’t have support for the PS4 at launch either – including the new wireless Sony Pulse as well.

Give us your thoughts on this – were you intending to use a Turtle Beach headset for the Xbox One?



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