PS4 has secret PS3 functionality

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2013

We have some surprising news for PS3 users now, and it is news that should put a pleasant smile on your faces. With many of you looking to upgrade to the PS4 this November, it looks like we have a secret bit of functionality to share with you that Sony previously hasn’t revealed themselves fully.

It isn’t the backwards compatibility that sadly looks to be via Gaikai only, but it is something that everyone will find useful. We’re not sure why Sony hasn’t made a big deal of this, but a video has emerged, confirming that you can use the PS4 DualShock4 controller to play certain PS3 games.

This is very refreshing to see, particularly after the disappointment after hearing that existing Bluetooth PS3 headsets won’t work on the PS4 at launch. Watch the clip below though and you’ll clearly see the DualShock 4 being used on a PS3 game.

One important thing to note though – it looks like it may only work when using a USB cable in a wired setup. Trying the same thing wireless doesn’t seem to work, while the author also notes that there were some issues when trying to play FIFA 14 on the Dual Shock 4 – so it could vary across games.

Still though, it’s a great option to have for those that can now make use of this in the home. We certainly didn’t know that the Dual Shock 4 could be used on the PS3 across some games and Sony definitely didn’t make this public knowledge at one of their main trade shows.

What are your thoughts on this – will you find this feature very useful or not?

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  • Jeff

    Backwards comp. would make everything even more expensive tho…the console would have 2 carry both ps4-3 hardware….im gud with gaika n a $400 console

  • Will I use my PS4 controller on my PS3? No. In fact, my youngest children will probably not be allowed to touch it for at least a month. In regards to the discussion below…Considering how many PS2 games have been relaunched on the PS3 at great values, I would be extremely shocked if they didn’t do something similar. Also, from previous experience with both the PS1 and PS2, I can tell you that my old consoles collected dust until I gave them away a year or two later. The same fate will happen to my PS3. It will sit aside my PS4 for a short while and then migrate to the kids’ playroom to be used as a distraction so “daddy” can play his games in peace.

    • Radj4ck

      you sound like a great father…

      • Josh101

        You sound like you have no kids lmao. When you definitely don’t want the kids to see the gore that comes with these games and don’t want them destroying your system. You keep it put up. Not only that, there is no playing games when the kids are around. You let them play in their room and get some game time in. Which is EXTREMELY limited, with work and a GF on top of that. You are lucky to get an hour in gaming without being scolded by the GF. Don’t insult the man.

        • Actually…That is exactly the case. I have two five year old daughters (four children altogether). Watching adult movies or playing mature games only happens after 9:00 pm. The ability to give them their own system to play on in another room means I can actually play a game designed for adults on a Saturday afternoon.

  • shadowcub

    If sony would allow backwards compatibility I would buy a ps4 as soon as it comes out.
    They know people want it, but they steadily refuse to do it.

    • NgTurbo

      You’ll still be able to stream games… nobody knows how much this will cost though.

    • SickNTired

      theres no money to be made if they cant get you to rebuy the same games every generation