Microsoft Surface 2 and Pro 2 benchmark analysis

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2013

With the Microsoft Surface 2 and Pro 2 due to start shipping tomorrow, there have already been several reviews of these new devices appear on the Internet. We have already seen some of the positive aspects, such as increased performance and battery life, but we do not believe Microsoft has not gone far enough.

While the new versions do offer far more than their predecessors, we can see that the Surface 3 and Pro 3 will come with the radical changes needed to secure the future of the range. However, the third incarnation of the Surface range will depend on how well received these sequels are.

Engadget has two extensive reviews, one for the Microsoft Surface 2 and the other for the Pro 2. They have looked into many aspects of the new devices, such as the new hardware, keyboard covers, display and sound, software, cameras, performance and battery life, and the competition.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is not the hardware leap we had been hoping for

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is not the hardware leap we had been hoping for

However, what we found most interesting is the Microsoft Surface 2 and Pro 2 benchmark review results. The previous Surface devices, the RT and Pro suffered from several glitches such as crashing, but the new models have no such issues.

One that could become a problem over time is overheating, as both new models overheated on the rear, which could cause them to slow. You need to pay close attention to these benchmark results in the reviews above, as they will offer insight in how they compare to rival devices.

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  • Daniel Waddell

    I have the new Asus Transformer Book t100ta with the new bay trail processor. It performs brilliantly & battery life is great. I think Microsoft would be better off dumping ARM & RT altogether and just stick with X86 and full windows.