LEGO design to increase solar panels efficiency

Renewable energy has moved at a slower rate than we had thought a decade ago, but we do seem to be at a stage where major changes could take place. We say this because we have seen scientists make strides in key areas, with solar being one of them.

New research has found that if you take solar panels and then apply the same design ethos as LEGO, then you will increase efficiency by as much as 22 percent. Most solar panels in the home and other areas are made from layers of material glued to each other to absorb sunlight.

This has proved great over the years, but a lot of sunlight is wasted and also comes at a high cost, and so getting a return on your investment takes tens of years. We have seen newer designs, but they do not yield the same amount of energy. However, this new LEGO design is promising.

Looking at the new solar panels will not show the new design from the popular kids toy, but it will do when seen under a microscope. You will see rows of studs made from aluminum and electrical connections. There is also another benefit, and that is the fact that aluminum is cheaper than some of the other materials currently used in solar panels today.

The way in which the LEGO like solar panels work is by bending and scattering the light from the sun, allowing them to travel longer across the panels. To help fully understand how this improved technology will work you need to read this recent study.



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