GTA V Online half income cut, Rockstar owns up

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2013

If you have been playing GTA Online since the mode launched shortly after GTA V, you’ll know that the state of the online portion has somewhat got worse, according to many players who have been unhappy with the constant patching of missions.

Let’s forget about the GTA V Online heists release at the moment. To cut a long story short, Rockstar has recently introduced patch 1.04, which we told you significantly reduced the amount of money you could earn by replaying missions, as you can read about again here.

You only have to read a few of the comments in that link above to get a good idea of how GTA V players are feeling right now. Most feel let down that the income has been cut in half, especially because of the fact that Rockstar chose not to release this information in the official patch notes.

However, we can now tell you that the developer has since admitted this change, writing in the Support section of their website that income has been cut in half due to ‘balance’ purposes.

Here is a statement of what Rockstar has said:

Caught red-handed..

Caught red-handed..

While some will agree with the changes that Rockstar has made, do you disagree that cutting the income in replayed missions is to keep the ‘balance’ in the game? We’ve also noticed feedback from some who say that they actually don’t want the free $500,000 stimulus, but to return the game to its original state when missions could be replayed for the full amount of cash.

What are your thoughts on this ongoing problem in GTA Online? Are you starting to get frustrated with Rockstar – the developer that could previously do no wrong?

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  • gta is bad rather play pac man

    selling gta 5 tonight worst game i have ever played it has deleted my character 7 times
    ROCKSTAR please do not make a **** game again

  • fluffyacorn

    People are naturally going to gravitate toward the more challenging and better paying missions. That is how a good portion of the online community made their money. Some race, some hunt for bounties, some do missions. My friends and I did everything in the game but always looked forward to Lester, Ron, or Martin giving us one of the big ones. Now that those missions pay squat their is zero point to do them. The argument that they want people to explore the rest of the game does not work. There are only 3 things to do in the game, race, fool around, and do missions. If you don’t like racing and if you don’t feel like messing around all that’s left is missions. Now that missions are worthless many people are just plain bored. Until heists come out (who knows when that’ll be) my friends and I aren’t going to play. We just don’t have any motivation do work twice as hard to make money that was already tough to earn.

  • mrstruegemini

    Yes it should be cut for the reason the very reason stated so people will explore the rest of the game though I feel its mostly teens that keep replaying the same missions for funds.

    • Endorgorrila

      I understand that argument but the problem I have with it is that the online for Gta 5 was marketed as an open world, do what you want, no rules environment. Constant nerfing in an attempt to control what a player does and doesn’t do just doesn’t work in MMO games.