GTA 5 Full PC Game download is a trap

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2013

With the demand for a GTA V PC release date higher than ever, we need to warn you about potential scams that are now appearing online. One of them is a website that is claiming to offer users a ‘GTA 5 Full PC game’ download.

It goes without saying that this is completely rubbish as Rockstar hasn’t even announced the game. Even more surprising though, is the amount of users that are still completely oblivious to this and are downloading the file anyway.

Unfortunately for them though, their 18GB torrent file excitement immediately turns to horror when they realize they have been duped and are the recipients of a file that is littered with viruses and a link to a website which then attempts to scam users further.

Fortunately for you, you now have a heads-up on avoiding such scams so you don’t fall into the same trap. How do these users initiate an 18GB download though thinking that they have magically acquired a free copy of the unannounced PC version – is that the industry we are living in, seriously?

We can actually reveal that thousands of gamers have fell for this scam, so the naughty people who set this up obviously are having some success. Everyone is waiting for the PC release of the game, but it won’t be coming until the early part of 2014.

Until we get confirmation from Rockstar, the game won’t be magically leaked. Let us know if you have spotted any other ‘GTA 5 leaks on PC’ that we should know about.

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  • Idealism

    What makes you think that GTA V is so special regarding this? This happens with every game release, movie release or application release. Just because its a GTA 5 file doesn’t warrant news, literally every release of any game has these crop up before a game is released. Those who fall for this or any release that is not actually ‘out’ are getting whats coming to them, do not warn these people, there mistake is there lesson to learn. Next time they won’t be so stupid.

    • Korax

      Are you done with your masturbatory comment?

  • Anon01

    I wonder what is going through this people’s heads. I means, what logical thought process could have derived from seeing a unreliable site offering a unannounced, unconfirmed version of a game? If at all, this whole incident only shows the naive and gullible nature of these people and what is worst but not necessary possibility that Rockstar may put this out of context and use this incident as a proof on how unprofitable it would be to port GTA 5 by seeing how many people are willing to pirate their game even when it is presented in a ridiculous manner.

    Plot twist: Rockstar games release that version to troll people haha!