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GarageBand on iPad soon for free with iOS 7

This Tuesday at an Apple media event (if the rumours are true), Apple will release the free for download app GarageBand for the iPad and iPhone. This comes in conjunction with Apple releasing two new iPad devices, which will see a full set of new iOS 7 themed icons unveiled for the six iLife and iWork apps offered for the iOS. Some users as earliest as last week has already seen GarageBand and iPhoto appear in their settings.

GarageBand is a free downloadable app that allows the user to make and edit music with the use of Touch and Smart Instruments. It also has the capability to capture live audio with a built-in microphone and the ability to mix up to 32 tracks and then share them to the world. It is a fun app aimed at creative music lovers universally.

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However, GarageBand will also include in-app purchasable content from Apple, which will allow the user a greater range of musical instruments and sounds for a fee. It was initially believed that GarageBand would not be released as a free download because of issues revolving around the licensing of certain sounds. But with the introduction of in-app purchasable content, it would seem Apple have circumvented any problems they may perceive to have had by making certain amount of the apps capability hidden behind a pay wall.

Apple has since removed the changes to their app page; it would seem so as to cover their tracks before the big launch tomorrow, which should be exciting for all iPad fans.

So what do you think of the latest Apple changes to their apps? Will you be downloading GarageBand?



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