Free Destiny Beta codes for PS4, Xbox One start early

Attention all Destiny fans now, as this week is going to be the chance when you finally get to make preparations for the game’s release. Free Destiny beta codes for PS3 and Xbox 360 are due to go live soon, with Bungie confirming that the giveaway is going to start via their own Twitter page.

It looks like Bungie and Activision will be calling on the powers of social media too to start the hype train for Destiny. You should already have a beta code by pre-ordering a copy of the game, but now it looks like a lucky number of people are also going to be able to get in for free.

Below is the message that Bungie has posted on their Twitter – reminding fans that they should keep their eyes open later this week for free Destiny beta codes. The same message was posted to the official Facebook page, so it’s a good idea to bookmark and visit that page daily as well.

Remember, the beta isn’t due to start until Q1 2014. However, it seems that Bungie are keen for fans to have their beta keys ready for the big event. With the game due out on Xbox One and PS4 as well, we’re guessing that the free codes will also be up for redemption on next-gen platforms too – but we’ll confirm this when the information comes in.

There are some whispers that the Destiny beta release date will be in February, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. For now make sure you stay tuned to either Twitter or Facebook for the free codes – let us know if you are lucky or if you already have one via pre-ordering.



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