Call of Duty Ghosts launch trailer with more Eminem

Are you pumped up for the release of Call of Duty Ghosts on November 5? Dare we say it, but the hype doesn’t feel as big as compared to previous launches. However, Activision and Infinity Ward are looking to change that possible perception, by unleashing the official launch trailer for the game.

Do you agree about the lack of hype for Call of Duty Ghosts this year, or do you completely disagree? Despite how you may feel about the new game, one thing is for certain and that is Infinity Ward’s good job in improving the graphics significantly compared to MW3.

Ghosts looks great from a graphics point of view and will obviously look even better if you pick up a PS4 or Xbox One version compared to current-gen. The launch trailer is now out and can be viewed below – perfect for building up anticipation for the game if you previously were not too interested.

Once again, there’s a cameo from rapper Eminem as well. His new track Survival has been used to good effect in the trailer, hopefully there will be a way to unlock the full theme by completing certain tasks – that would be a nice touch.

Watch the action below and let us know how you feel about this year’s effort. Will you be playing as Riley the dog at the very first opportunity, or will you be picking up Battlefield 4 instead or a different launch game on next-gen consoles?

Don’t forget to check out the full upgrade FAQ, which Infinity Ward posted earlier this week – it’s very useful.



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