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Battlefield 4 custom controls desired on PS4

If you are planning on picking up the PS4 version of Battlefield 4, you are probably wondering how the control system will change, with the arrival of the brand new Dual Shock 4 controller. You’ll be pleased to know that a photo has now emerged, showing the full Battlefield 4 control layout and giving you a heads-up on what to expect.

Fans picking up the console version over PC will definitely hope that DICE allows the control system to be customized at free will. While we still don’t have confirmation of this, we do have some interesting developments to tell you about.

It has been confirmed that the shoot button is going to be transferred from the R1 button on PS3, over to the R2 trigger button on PS4. The R1 is now going to be used by the spot command, whilst also doubling up as the commo rose command as well – finally, this feature comes to console.

Thanks to this control preview, we can also reveal that DICE has included some functionality with the PS4 touch pad on the Dual Shock 4 as well. According to the image, you can use the touch pad to bring up some functionality related to Battlelog.

This is a very interesting feature for sure, so hopefully DICE will give us a full walkthrough on what this entails. How do you feel about using the back trigger to shoot though? Many gamers have already made their voices known on preferring to use R1, but then again not everyone has had the chance to hold the Dual Shock 4 in their hands.

What do you think about the control layout for the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 based on this picture – are you happy with the outcome? How would you feel if you cannot customize this setup at all?



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