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Awaiting BBM for Android and iOS “I got the email”

The long wait for BBM on Android and iOS devices is finally over, as the download has now gone live. However, there is still a small catch, but we have come to expect nothing less from the BlackBerry Messenger saga.

You can now download the BBM for Android and iOS, but you cannot use the app right away. Instead, you are asked to wait for an email, where you will then be able to select the “I got the email” tag on the app. Once you do this, it is then that you will be able to take full advantage of BBM. There has even been a way for some iOS users to use the service thanks to a loophole.

While some of you will be annoyed of having to wait about for the email, staggering the BBM cross-platform release is a great way to ensure there are no server issues, as BlackBerry is in full control of how many people can start to use the service.

Servers will be able to handle all those who wish to use the BBM service on Android or iOS devices, but they cannot handle millions of people trying to go on at the same time, as this is what caused a bottleneck in the first place. However, there were other factors why BlackBerry pulled the app the first time it was released to other platforms.

It is nice to be able to direct you to the official BBM for Android app on the Google Play Store, as we know the store has been flooded with fake versions. You can also download the iOS version of BBM on the App Store.



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