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GTA V PC release secret out with mounting evidence

With all of the talk about GTA Online at the moment and the problems involving the income received from missions, we thought we would take a break to tell you the latest rumors involving the GTA V PC release date. Rockstar are still happy to remain silent on the matter, but we have another strong piece of evidence which suggests that a PC version will definitely happen in the beginning of next year.

Let’s get to the juicy new information straight away. For those unaware, there is a new AMD Catalyst driver available for those with the relevant graphics card. Hidden within the code for this driver is actually a piece of telling evidence that a PC version of GTA V is coming.

You can see it for yourself here, by examining the code over at Guru3D forums. Look closely and you’ll see that the AMD Catalyst driver includes support for a ‘GTA5.exe’we wonder what that could be?

Rockstar’s secret is surely out and it only further backs up claims that a PC release will be available in Q1 2014, around 6-8 months after the console release and also following Rockstar’s tradition from previous console to PC releases.

Let’s not forget that this new piece of info is already on top of previous rumors regarding a PC version of GTA V and PS4 version that had apparently been hidden inside the Xbox 360 version of the game which obviously a naughty individual had picked up by dubious means.

How long can Rockstar continue to say nothing on the matter? They may have to come clean soon, perhaps even to switch focus away from the ongoing complaints regarding GTA Online.



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