GTA V iFruit app rallies Android desperation

- Oct 20, 2013

It is clear there’s a lot of Android tablet and smartphone owners playing GTA V dying to download the iFruit app along with chop the dog. The desperation has increased to the point that an online petition was started over the past couple of weeks that now has over 3,251 signatures with a goal set to reach 5,000.

Rockstar published details about the free GTA V iFruit and game manual companion apps a few weeks back, and also submitted a comment on the page of that announcement. Rockstar explained that the team were working hard to launch the GTA V Android version of iFruit, but this has failed to happen 3 weeks and 5 days after that comment.

Some gamers find it hard to understand why it takes so long to get an app launched on Google Android devices even after it landed on Apple’s iPhone and iOS devices? The problem is it doesn’t stop there, and this is thanks to hundreds of Windows Phone owners wondering where the app is for their tablet or phone.

Rockstar integrated the companion apps into the GTA V game; so a few gamers feel this is a part of their retail purchase and want to use iFruit for Android. Do you think you have been cheated a little, or are you not bothered about the app being on iOS but not Android?

GTA V iFruit app rallies Android desperation – we have also heard from one person that got banned from Social Club, and this came after causing a fuss over the lack of these apps on other mobile platforms.

It seems some loyal customers are very upset over the lack of an app on their device to such a point, after complaining so much it gets them banned.

We have seen a number of people feel this is more to do with Rockstar and Apple than anything else, as seen in this comment “I’m trading my game in as Rockstar is on Apple’s payroll”. There has been a lot of comments along these lines and while we understand the frustration, we have seen similar things with Microsoft buying up game content first even though this might not be the case for getting GTA’s iFruit on Android.

Leave a comment with your thoughts about the lack of this app on your device and if you really think there is more than meets the eye here, or if this is just a developer with limited time aiming for Apple once again.

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  • David

    It was a dumb idea to begin with. The fk do I want to use a phone to teach my ingame dog tricks? Nonsense.

    • Matt

      Most people want to have custom license plates for there car not essential buy nether is a big gt wing on a 250k car… as far as chop you can train him to help you find the hidden packages around the map… yes you could just Google the video and find it but it takes away from the GTA experience… from what the other people have been saying instead of buying an iPhone to get the app which is what apple was probably trying to get us to do most die head fans have wrote off GTA all together and are going to be playing bf4 or cod. So now who is really losing out on the deal ohh BTW good lick rock star on your money cards if anyone uses them I would be very suprised

  • Matt

    Don’t worry guys I heard they will release the app for android along with something else….. GTA 6

  • Brian

    The “limited time” for development excuse won’t fly because this game was delayed…by a long time. Not to mention the crew developing the app isn’t the same as the ones who are busy working on bug fixes.

  • Eric Caraballoso

    Seriously though, why couldn’t they integrate this into social club instead of an app? I hope most people have beat the game already, like I have, so why care about the app anymore? I love rockstar, but somebody wasn’t thinking when it came to this tiny part of the game.

  • Jp

    how do i download Ifruit chop the dog for my iphone anyone?

    • Lee2909

      after connecting your phone to the pc just search for ifruit and pick it up off the itunes app store not 100% sure how to install them as i don’t use the iphone but i will be getting a windows phone next week.
      and @ericcaraballoso:disqus they should have done just that it would have saved alot of hassle. i think they have an agreement with apple to wait months to release the app for android or windows phone or not at all, after all it was what 2 months ago it was released now?.

  • Dave

    This sounds like a move EA would pull. Rockstar should have had the app ready for iphones and android, or at the very least announced that android users would be screwed the first couple months of buying the game. If I would’ve known I would have just bought the game used instead of at 12 am

  • yen

    rockstar sucks.

  • Ren

    Pretty amazing that they can’t get this coded for Android like the ios version. While the petition is interesting, no number of signatures is going to make them code it faster or get it released any quicker. At this point, I’m not even worrying about it, but it does suck that I can’t do certain things in the game because of the app.

  • ChillerVapes

    They should have kept the game in the game and not even bothered messing around with apps. They have simply dug a deep hole for themselves and are so spineless, they don’t even attempt to make any valid excuses for the delay.

  • chris facey

    I don’t think the game should have been released untill the app was finished for all devices. I know that coding for different is not the same but to release for 1 and not the others seams slack and I understand people’s frustrations.

    • LywinTannister

      They were right to release the game. Delaying the game because the app is not ready would’ve been stupid, the app is hardly necessary to play the game. It’s an extra, nothing more.

      • zeigan

        It’s an app that although is not necessary, does allow for exclusive features to be used that do affect the playability of the game, which is why I understand why most are upset. I agree with you that the game release should not have been delayed, but the iFruit app should have been, at least until the Android version was ready as well.

      • SuperSam64

        That’s true. They shouldn’t have delayed the game, they should have delayed the app. Having multiple versions of an app released at different times is particularly problematic when one of the functions of such an app involves picking from a limited pool of names (i.e. license plates). For this reason, you will always be able to identify people in-game that use Android phones (or other non-iPhones), because their license plates will say something like JIM284$L instead of just JIM.

  • init();

    ANDROID DID 9/11


  • sean s

    There is something fishy about this – As in you can only have this app if you are a apple b****. Think its wrong, cant belive how right winged rockstar are. Thought they cared about making games for gamers not getting apple to pay them to only be used on apple products. Think rockstar should give android and windows phone users some compensation like first to the new map expanision, guns, cars or online money??

  • XJPostman

    Rockstar dropped the ball huge on this app. If you don’t have enough gum to share with the class you don’t get any yourself. If the only system you’re app works on is Apple, wait till Android is done and release it to Apple and Android at the same time. I guess Rockstar missed that day in elementary school.

  • wholebakedcookys

    Honestly this is poor marketing by rockstar. Everybody bought the game at the same time and people with ios got a full game experience where android users are still waiting more than a month after the ios release. They also have the dissadvantage of getting specialized plates for vehicles. By the time ifruit is on androids market, all the specialized plates will be taken or it will be difficult for the andriod user to get a plate they want. I myself am an extremely dissapointed gta fan and android user. Get your heads out of your a** rockstar!

  • cmonman

    whoever wrote this article is a moron .. the reason they dont have the app out yet isnt due to being on apples payroll for a stupid app the issue is there are many different versions of android devices while apple only has a few so making a game work on just a few different devices that apple has is easier than making it work on allll the android phones from htc samsung lg motorola pantech and all the different phones each of those companies make

    • Edge

      Whoever wrote this comment is a moron. The writer of the article never said Rockstar was on Apple’s payroll, only that some people who bought the game might think that. That part in particular is a quote of someone who said that, not what the writer is saying, but based on your comment, I shouldn’t expect you to know what quotation marks are. The writer also said that this may not be the case, and that even if it was, Microsoft has done similar things in the past. And next time, before calling someone a moron, how about you actually read what they wrote, and double check on your punctuation and capitalization.

    • Cake

      Wow you are dumb.You know nothing about programming. It is a simple app not hardware specific. It could almost be web based. Wake up Rockstar.

      • Tim

        No, he’s right about that part. Programming for an iDevice is like programming for a console; rigid software and hardware profiles that streamline development. Android is more like a PC; you have to deal with lots of different configurations of hardware and software (not all of which even make any sense), which requires more time checking and optimising.

    • cmon dont be dumb

      You’re a dumbass.

  • Danny Bebb

    I HATE apps all together, WHY, theres just no need, just get the internet working properly on mobile devices and just let us use the full website properly with all the features, rather than an app we can only use some very limited main features and only use the phone in portrait ( in most cases), I like to use my phone landscape and can hardly ever do the things I need to do with apps, one simple feature like copy and paste, instead of a very limited feature app all the time just make a simple website !!! that can take 5mins !! that way every one can get on it no matter what device there using !!!! (as long as they got internet)

    • huh

      Wtf are you talking about?? You’re so far off the course of this article I don’t even see where you’re going with your comment

  • ItemSize

    LOL. 5,000 signatures on a petition???? :O That’s nearly everyone that bought the game, isn’t it? (Snark).

    • Klowd19

      The game sold around 15 million copies within the first three days of release. I think a little more than just 5000 people bought the game.

      • mattirawks

        its called sarcasm.

  • them

    Who cares about gtav anymore?

    I traded it in because of all the multiplayer issues my character got deleted twice…

    the app was just the cherry on top!

    • Justin

      lmao its the number one most played game online at the moment and youre stupid ass is missing out because a week went by and poor lil baby couldnt play online .. hey you know theyre giving everyone a bonus who played in oct for the issues

      • them

        I will be putting it towards kz:sf so I dont really care… have fun robbing a store over and over!

  • Will-is-DRUMmond

    I assumed after purchasing on release this app would be available in a matter of days…. I couldnt of been more wrong. Its starting to feel like it isnt ever going to arrive but i have my doubts about any kind of apple based skullduggery here as that would be a trade descriptions issue. i think its probably an easy if not slightly costly exercise for rockstar to sort out but with all the bugs with the online launch i think there focus may be elsewhere for now. Ive lost nearly a million GTA dollars since the online launch and im an android user but they still have my love even if it is a slightly abusive relationship.

  • ajent

    Both sides buy and back the rockstar brand apple/android if they are getting paid by Apple to not develop a androida app. That would suck I would not buy their games no more do that kind of shi#@ in politics not in gaming!


    If it didn’t take long for candy crush to show up on both platforms, what’s Rockstars excuse? They don’t care. And they need to quit BSing their fans. They’ll do something for android when they get done spending their apple money during their “billions in sales” vacation. Actually, don’t even bother. Everyone should have played through the story once by now, what difference does it make? Good job boosting Iphone 5S sales by the way.

  • Rockstar_Lies

    apple gave the rockstar staff free iphones for in return that they only get the app and make up excuses for the android app not out. they should just come right out and say they have no plans in making the app for android since apple has deep pockets

  • anthonyjohnson25

    pisses me off I love rockstar but damn it shouldn’t take, hat long to port it over to android I’ve been wanting this app ever since I was in line at 12 o’clock at gamestop to pick my 150 dollar collectors edition up I even payed it off before that game was out I need this app please hurry

    • Kyphosian

      It appears you were in too big a hurry to even be bothered with punctuation! However, I’m an android user as well and this is a real issue. All I ever wanted the app for was the custom license plate, a feature that could have been presented in many other mediums (like in-game perhaps?). It’s rather ridiculous that it has taken this long without so much as a tentative timeframe for its release. I suppose I can’t stay mad at R* though, so long as they continue patching the online mode as quickly and effectively as they have been.

  • ncgettler

    Rockstar can say whatever they want about appreciating their fans, but every single day that passes without their honoring their word proves to us die-hards that our loyalty is not reciprocated. I don’t want to badmouth Rockstar by pointing out that they are looking more and more to be another faceless corporation interested in only the bottom line and not sharing the respect that we have for them…

    …I just want my dammed phone app.


  • BBO

    Players have advantages in getting content we were promised from buying the game and we are not getting this. Personalised number plates but iPhone users have had nearly 4 weeks to get their favourites leaving everyone else to scrap for whatever ones you can find still available.

  • William

    I honestly think it’s a very hush-hush legal issue between Apple and Rockstar – probably because Rockstar spoofed the Apple corporation, their name, and their logo extensively throughout GTA V (iFruit and the righteous satirical take on the Apple aesthetic). This means that Apple probably threatened legal action… unless some sort of last-minute exclusivity deal was made that gave Apple the leg up on the competition, and also didn’t impact the launch of arguably the biggest game in history. I just don’t see any other reason for the delay, other than Rockstar feeling the heat from a much bigger company than them and being unable to really say anything about it.

  • scott

    to be honest i think they should have released all platforms of the app at the same time, the fact they didnt was a screw up on their part and a learning experience im sure but the amout of time and effort their teams have put into fixing any and all issues with GTA online over the last 2 weeks makes me see that they are focusing on the major issues before the not so major, you can still play the game without the app, and gta online is one of the most rediculously funny experiences i have had online i have bust into laughter multiple times wether at someone trying to ram me in a race and flying off a cliff or the people thinking they are top gun pilots when they smash into a building trying to shoot at me its all good fun

  • BDG420

    My attention is slowly going away from GTA5. I done completed the single player twice and well I think I’m done with SP for quite a while. Playing GTAO but Kind of getting tired of that and with all the new games coming out (indi and mainstream alike) I won’t be going back to GTA5 for several months……..besides the manual app for droid only works for certan devices. I have an optimus zip and I can’t even download it so who is to say the chop and los santos app wont be any differant.

  • justin

    Don’t be mad at Google or microsoft its because Google is a free market and you can get almost any paid app for free that’s why Apple gets apps that Android doesn’t is about money!! On top off that my opinion is rockstar made so much money they really don’t care they sure are taking there sweet time on everything

  • OmegaChaosX420X

    To me this makes me feel like my loyalty to Microsoft and android has been for nothing. the app shouldnt of even been made if it wasnt compatible with all phones. Apple is not, and never will be a gaming system. they haven’t even so much as tried to improve mobile gaming or console gaming for that matter. Macs are awful for pc gaming, and i hardly count apps as games. i feel robbed of an experience that i looked forward to. apple should stick to making over priced pieces of crap. 😀

    • Tonald

      Macs are horrible for gaming, Pc gaming is the way to go. But In the mobile world, Android has a shitty Eco system it’s just reality.

  • shazoo00oo!

    Why didn’t they just make it a web app that you can access through Social Club??

    • Shadohz

      Because that would make too much sense.

      The added problem to having web access would be that you’d have millions of people racing to create their specialized plates from a single source. Their web servers would have bound to crash the minute they opened it up.

      I don’t really see what the big deal about the iFruit app is anyway. It’s a pointless feature since Chop is pretty useless in Story Mode. Most of us are adults and don’t want to play “Giga-pet” on our mobile devices. The specialized plates are niche. The only decent feature was doing car mods.

      When you think about it, R* actually isolated quite a few people with this move. Not everyone has a device that is Internet capable or touch-capable. Since all the iPhone users have probably taking all of the good plates, then there’s no point in even crying about that anymore.

  • This is the same story as with any other app, Android always gets screwed even tough it has a bigger share of the market, as an Android user this pisses me off to no end. Taking a breath and trying to rationalize this out, this makes me think that it is also a lot easier to develop for IOS vs Android which is what some devs are saying, whether its true or not is another thing. Sorry Microsoft with ~5% market share i am afraid you will be in the dust for a few more years. your only hope is HTC and their duel booting Android/Microsoft phone that is rumoured.

    • addyr

      Its the blackberry owners I feel sorry for at least we (android) have been told its coming

    • Samurai_dk

      Im just surprised that over the years of GTA V’s development they decided to leave a simple Android app at the last minute. This could have been easily worked on a year ago and released on time with Apple and Windows.. this is a case of poor strategic management and lack of leadership from Rockstar managers. I also agree with many comments, the app should have not been released on one platform first, its one in, all in. We are patienty waiting Rockstar!