COD Ghosts guns showcased in multiplayer

- Oct 20, 2013

Just as we saw with the Black Ops 2 game last year, we are seeing a number of Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay videos revealing multiplayer weapons, maps and more before the games release date next month.

Today, we want to feature a nice video revealing 15 minutes of gameplay that showcases a number of COD Ghosts guns in multiplayer. You will see weapons like snipers, shotguns, marksman rifles and more that will appeal to different people depending on their style of play.

The 15-minute video also features the COD Ghosts Search and Rescue game mode, so you will gain a closer look at this along with some killstreaks during gameplay. Personally, we like the idea of having an Alpha Dog rather than a group of dogs as a killstreak.

Take a look at this detailed COD Ghosts multiplayer gameplay and let us know if you have a favorite gun in-mind already. Also, after watching the video below share a comment on the changes you seen so far and what you like or dislike.

If you want to see a really detailed look at all the weapons in COD Ghosts, then you should take a look at the full list in this article.

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  • Niggerslave

    Jeh cod ghosts is the baws

  • Sway Trilla

    battlefield gets boring because it is too realistic as for cod i dont really get bored of it. btw thats awesome you can have a dog follow U!

  • Bob

    Looks like all the other CoDs. What’s new? Stale old game. Good luck with that. Dedicated servers for MP yet? Would be nice if you could drive that tank that’s sitting there in the dust.

    I’ll be playing BF4. Thanks.

    • Nik

      The Xbox One version has dedicated servers….

      • Trevor

        All versions have dedicated servers…except for Wii U of course XD

        • Bob

          Well, that’s a step in the right direction … they’ll FINALLY have dedicated servers. Congrats.

          I’ll still be playing BF 4.

          That trailer didn’t show anything different from the last four installations of CoD. It’s a shame, really.

          Try BF 4 for something different. You’ll never go back to CoD. That’s what I did.


        • Trevor

          I have. I do.
          I love Battlefield,
          but I also play a lot of Call of Duty.
          Nothing wrong with that.

        • Unknown

          Dear Bob,
          Tried both. BF3 is the same as BF4. Cod is better and BF kids are but hurt because of no competitive gameplay. Go drive your OP vehicles that were made for the worst gamers so they can get kills and get out of here

        • Bob

          I like destructibility, team-based play. Ever play Domination in CoD? Everyone is still playing TDM! OP vehicles? How powerful do you think a vehicle should be? I have a feeling you can’t get the hang of driving or flying. LOL I suspect you suck, so you just run around on the same old CoD with different maps. CoD is boring. It NEEEEEVER does anything different. It’s the same as it always was. Shame, really.

          I loved the little triangle markers on the scopes in Black ops. What the hell was that? I think Super Mario had better maps. LOL

        • Ondsnap

          sadly..i doubt the PS3, PS4, adn Wii U will have dedicated servers. Mark Rubin said the following: Dedicated servers will be on all current, future generations of consoles along with PC. There are 2 types of servers for COD Ghosts….Listening and dedicated. Most people do not know that listening servers are the same as the old system they had in place. The only ones that have dedicated servers confirmed is Xbox, Xbox 1 and PC. He is telling the truth without lying. be careful…i betcha that the Sony and Nintendo consoles will NOT have dedicated servers. It’s a play on words what he said….any bets??

        • Trevor

          Honestly I don’t care, but IF that’s the case,
          I have a 360, will be playing on a 360, and then buying a Xbox One which I’ll upgrade to, so it’s a win-win for me

    • Sonny

      Go play BF4 then. no one cares about what you do fool!

      CoD does not and won’t change because that’s why people like it and keep buying it, CoD is and will be for some time the king of FPS not BF4 loool

      Nobody cared about stupidly huge maps and variable vehicles, Id rather play a fast paced shooter on small maps, So would millions of others.

      Your just a typical hater and you probably suck at CoD anyway. Bf3 and Bf4 are basically the same, so whats your point? Fooool

  • Krilmer

    Just curious. But why is this footage like more then a month old? You speak as if his is new?

    • TonyG

      Well I haven’t seen it and it is pretty cool.

    • Susan

      The video was published on YouTube only a few days ago, you should check that before commenting.

      • Yolo McSwaggins

        Gameplay is very old, stolen from other users actually. You should check that before commenting.