Call of Duty Ghosts PS4, Xbox One FAQ from IW

If you are planning to pick up Call of Duty Ghosts this November, Infinity Ward is keen to let you know where you stand regarding which version you decide to pick up. Like so many other games coming out, you have the option of transferring data between current-gen and next-gen PS4 and Xbox One versions of the same game – without being penalized.

Just to recap, Call of Duty Ghosts is due out on November 5 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game will then become available on Xbox One and PS4 on their respective launch dates in Europe and US. As we kick off the start of another week, Infinity Ward has decided to go into detail on those planning to start on current-gen and then upgrade at a later date when the PS4 and Xbox One is out.

You’ll be pleased to know that Infinity Ward will be able to kept all of your stats in tact. It seems that all you need to have in order to make this possible, is a Call of Duty account – which most of you will already have we’re guessing due to app linking and so forth.

One important aspect of the transition that gamers were keen to know, is the status of the Free Fall bonus map when pre-ordering the game. We can now confirm that if you pick up the current-gen version of the game and then upgrade to Xbox One or PS4 at a later date – the Free Fall map will also transfer with your data as well.

If you are still nuts over Call of Duty and plan on starting straight away on November 5, it’s a good idea to read through Infinity Ward’s Q&A to get a full heads-up. There’s also retailer information on prices involved and the discounts available if deciding to upgrade to a PS4 or Xbox One version.

Are you going to buy both versions of Call of Duty Ghosts, or is your money going on Battlefield 4 this year?



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