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Wii U Super Smash Bros with secret Xerneas

We have some very exciting news for Wii U owners now, and perhaps those with a Nintendo 3DS as well. As most of you are aware, a brand new original Super Smash Bros is on the way to the Wii U and the 3DS. Development is still at an early stage, but it looks like we have the next big reveal to tell you about.

Joining the likes of Mega Man and Sonic as special guest characters, it now looks set that Nintendo will also be keeping up with tradition and inserting a big Pokemon influence in Smash Bros as well. A screenshot has been released, showing everyone’s favorite Pikachu, but also with a tease of none other than Xerneas – aka the legendary Fairy type from Pokemon X and Y.

Most of you will probably still be trying to catch the elusive deer in the recently released X and Y – if this is you, you’ll find this video guide very handy. Back to Smash Bros though, what could Xerneas’ inclusion in the game possibly mean?

We doubt that the Pokemon would be a fully playable character along the lines of the more mobile Pikachu, but Xerneas could be the strongest Pokemon to come out with the popular Poke ball power-ups, that fans love to pick up during battle.

What about mega Gengar in Smash Bros?
What about mega Gengar in Smash Bros?

Even then, we doubt that Xerneas is going to be the only Poke ball-based Pokemon to appear in Super Smash Bros. Imagine if the likes of Yveltal comes out of nowhere, or even some of the brand new mega evolutions like Charizard X or mega Gengar.

It’s a very exciting prospect for sure, but at the moment Nintendo are not saying much. Give us your reaction to the screenshot and whether you think Xerneas is a good choice for Smash Bros or not. What Pokemon would be an amazing playable character in the game?



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