GTA V Online heists money as last resort following 1.04

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2013

It seems that there are a lot of unhappy gamers after Rockstar’s recent 1.04 patch for GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360 went live. Although the developer provided a full list of notes, the big thing that they conveniently forgot and what many players are finding out – job income has been cut in half.

If you have been happily playing the likes of Base Invaders and other popular GTA Online missions, you would have installed the 1.04 update to find out that these missions no longer offer the same income and RP than what was previously possible.

As you can imagine, many gamers are starting to get very frustrated with this, with each mission in the online mode slowly being nerfed to offer less money each time. We’ve heard from you that the income for Base Invaders has been cut significantly, leaving players to wonder if Heists is going to be considered as the ‘last resort’ to make any sort of serious money in the game.

Rockstar are keeping very silent on the GTA V Heists release date, but players are dying to know if Rockstar will allow players to make decent cash in Heists, or if the push to buy credit cards with real money is going to continue.

It’s a difficult situation at the end of the day. Rockstar are treating it like a business like any other developer would, but at the same time they are significantly patching up a lot of the content in the game in a negative way which is starting to move away from the original state of the game.

What are your honest thoughts on where Rockstar is taking the online portion of GTA V? Have you stopped playing entirely, or are you playing just because you are waiting for Heists to arrive?

At the same time, feel free to post your tips below if you have found a legit way to earn money in the game in a relatively short amount of time.

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  • MockingBirdKillerV3

    The heists do not exist. You seriously believe that after the clusterfucl{ that was the release of GTA 5 online that rockstar will seriously make Heist missions?

  • dead_skin_mask02

    all i can say about this game is that its heading down the exact same road diablo 3 did for pc when it was released and look where that game is now, being able to buy gta cash is a retarded idea especially considering how many people have exploited the bugs for obsene amounts of money allready.the missions dont pay nearly enough to keep the averedge player going the good sport bad sport premis was good in theory but is full of holes and needs tweaked and the only thing any of us have to look forward to is heists that im almost certain will also be a giant let down rockstar has created an epic fail that could have been completely avoided if they properly tested it before release “quit expecting us to pay you to test your crap games”

  • pash

    What I want to know is, WHY Rockstar decided to stop us from giving money to other player that need it, cuz myself, and few other friends would like to give money to other player so they can buy stuff but rockstar has stopped it. so I want to know y they stopped it.

  • JJredding

    Why have a pay to play game? Remember when games were bought in full at the store and didn’t have a conversion of real life money to video game money? This is the start of the end for video games…

  • Deezy

    Keep the game true by making it more realistic…scale the reward to the actual activity in a way that is logical and consistent with itself. For instance, if I do a mission for Gerald and I have to take out an entire gang, my reward is $500. In the real world who is going to murder a dozen people and transport a kilo of drugs for $500 measly dollars? I can stick up a convenience store and make over $1000 without firing a single shot. If they go on that premise alone it would mark an improvement.

  • TheBlahhhMan

    What I don’t understand about gaming they keep pushing out games that are incomplete, have to many bugs and have to downloads patches for something that should already be there. Like online why would you release the online mode if stuff are missing from it “heist” question your self would you buy a product that is incomplete and having to download stuff after a while this should already by there and I’m not talking about DLC I know it take them time to test and develop these stuff but stuff that should already be in the game, you shouldn’t have to download a stupid patch for that what TESTERS are for, Now they are making us test the game for them an they are not paying us, They try to pay us with a stimulus package that should have been released in the 1.04 update and now one got it yet. They haven’t even put a date when we are going to get it.

  • Mac

    What’s really funny is that rockstar may not realize in 1-2 weeks respectively bf4 and cod ghosts WILL take a majority of their audience, they better hurry the hell up.

  • Honey S.

    Allow me to start this off by saying: Challenge Accepted.
    Rockstar can’t win no matter WHAT they do. Does anyone remember how pissed off everyone was when the release date kept being pushed back? I think a small percentage of that was for reasons like this. Things take TIME. I still play the game because it’s FUN. It’s GROUND-BREAKING, dammit! Everyone wants to whine and complain about this and that, but think about other video games and the time span it
    took to accomplish the highest rank, receive the highest accolades, trophies,
    collect all of the cars, safehouses, clothes, etc. etc. etc… Of course, with
    a lot of time put in we can beat a pretty good game in maybe a week or two, but
    really, does anyone TRULY enjoy that after you’ve done it when there isn’t much
    else to do? What we love, are video games. Am I right? Damn good ones, at that!
    And ones that *last* AT THAT, AT THAT! Who wants to devour the entire game and
    purchase EVERYTHING within the first month??? What about a 6 months-a year from
    now? Will you still be satisfied in that same $400,000 dollar apartment that
    you can’t even (customize at this point..?) and you platinum-plated guns?
    Honestly, will you? Do you expect Rockstar to release an entire new installment
    in the GTA series?? (And I’m not even talking about DLC..yet.)

    People. Think about it. This is –exactly- why games like Saints Row have gone to the
    sewers. Because they have to constantly rush and try to throw a team together,
    no time to create and work, no clear vision, no same page, just go go go go,
    give the people what they want, lasers, zombies. to do this and that, deadlines
    deadlines deadlines, aliens, fix this, sex, patch that, money, satisfy this and
    that, blah blah on and on..It’s a dreadful chase that NO ONE EVER WINS! Think
    about the detail needed to achieve this level of artistry! People have lost
    their heads, man!

    I RESPECT Rockstar. And whatever tactics they’re using to “make more money”
    trust me, these tactics are NOT as dirty as you choose to believe they are. At
    least by even sending out responses to our inquiries and patches within weeks
    of launch, we know for one thing that they’re paying attention. Sure, it may
    not be what some of you impatient and greedy little whiners are looking for,
    but they’re trying to attend to the things that need the most attention, first.
    Which is the basic game play; NOT the ability to make so much money quickly enough to buy THE MOST EXPENSIVE APARTMENT AND FILL UP YOUR GARAGES WITH THE MOST EXPENSIVE CARS IN THE GAME AND REACH RANK 100+ WITHIN A 1-2 WEEKS.

    How do I know this is happening? I’ve done it, and am still doing it! Friends have done it! Enemies and crew members have done it! We’ve ALL been in sessions when we’ve seen it happen: CONSTANTLY getting blown up by some try-hard in a tank SIMPLY because he knows he’s in the rare few to have that AND an attack helicopter already, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him from blowing up you and your homies’ cars repeatedly because they have a couple HUNDRED MIL IN THE BANK AND DON’T GIVE A FLYING F!@# ABOUT REPLACING YOUR CAR REPEATEDLY—-BEFORE THE PATCH WAS MORE STRICT ON SENDING PEOPLE TO THE BAD SPORT LOBBY FOR BLOWING UP PEOPLE’S PERSONAL VEHICLES. We’ve all seen it man! Either you fight back, or are forced to wuss out and go to another Session since you probably don’t even have the resources yet or support yet. I blew up TONS of player’s cars after they got mine impounded several times a week or so ago and was NEVER threatened with the Bad Sport Lobby—I mean I seriously destroyed SEVERAL cars SEVERAL times. I was pissed, and tired of being attacked incessantly for no good reason-because I’m a girl…like I said, for no good reason.

    I’m not a dirty player, but you know how it is to be trolled by them. After the patch, the FIRST CAR I Sticky Bombed, I received the Bad Sport Lobby Warning. Wonderful, a change.

    This game changes people man.. This game is literally becoming a damn near unfair hierarchy where the players with the most guap, who obviously have the most resources, ABUSE them. Players who live normal lives, don’t obsess over the game by logging 6-10+ hours per day, are just ripe for the picking when it comes to situations like this. I mean you can’t even defend yourself at that point! I mean y’all wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen..dudes at a rank 495+ NO. LIE. Again, we’ve all seen it! And everyone should stop thinking for the sake of themselves that the money and rank cuts are so terrible. It IS balancing things out. None of us are straight poor, we’re doing well, we’re having fun, and we’re making it. I am however, still stuck on how to defend yourself from a tank..I mean what do you do? Use a tank on a tank? Seriously tho..
    Now.. if you’ll excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable. I believe I have a flame suit to throw on. *Yeezy shrug*

    RP: 64
    Crew: HIH5 (main)
    PSN Tag: HoneySavageee; serious inquiries and players only, please.


    • magicbritches

      good post, look for my add. magicbritches

  • Matty

    Rockstar really are a joke.. they have intentionally ruined the game for beginners and made it a lot harder for the players that have been grinding missions to buys stuff.. now they have to double their efforts when grinding.. which is annoying.. seriously.

    there are alot of ways to grind the game.. and make money and RP.. everyone has their own way of doing things..

    what iv been doing with friends is the race.. ‘ Down the Drain ‘ iv checked several other races and events.. this is by far the best i have seen.

    with just me and 1 other friends.. 1st place is 7000 with 3 people.. first place prize is over 10,000 and the race only takes 1 minute to do lol.. simply race.. and let each other win so every1 gets decent amounts.. u can easily make over 100,000 in less than 30minutes .. this is what iv been doing with friends.. its extremely boring.. so after about 30minutes or so we mess about on missions then go back to it again.

    Note:: dont waste time waiting for a full game.. the prize money stops going higher after 4 people.. 4 or more people.. 1st place is 13.500

    i seriously hope they release those heists soon.. or sort out their game.. rock star’s recent patch to fix all bugs etc.. didn’t work as they said, iv personally seen several problems still happening..

    i do like the game so ill wait for their next ‘ Miracle patches ‘ lol.. if the heists end up disappointing i think ill be leaving the game..

  • Jo

    Everybody talks about this cash packs bit there still not even available so wtf?

  • groovyxylophone

    This is so funny! The game is not only getting very very very boring, but the few things you can do for cash are worth less than a parachute race. Epic fail rockstar. They better do alot more for fans in terms of a growing online story/missions or I see a whole lot of players selling this game back VERY soon.

    • billythekid

      i made a playlist of races where you can earn between 40-80g in 35-40 minutes depending on how you do in the races

  • wowgivemeabreak

    It’s a bad move.

    First off, what difference does it make if people want to farm a mission and get a lot of money quickly? What does that matter to others? There is no real life reward for getting a lot of money and buying stuff in the game so why care if some get stuff before others do? If some want to spend hours farming and buy everything they want within a few days of playing then all the power to them.

    Rockstar tries to say this is to balance the game but it really isn’t since they have no problems with people dropping money to buy the in game cash cards. It’s obvious Rockstar did this to try and get people to either grind more (and spend more time in the mode so Rockstar can brag about all the hours people log in the game) or get frustrated by the slow cash making process and will buy the cash cards.

    Second, all stuff like this will do is turn off a lot of hardcore players as well as turn off newer players that find it too time consuming to make good money. Stuff like this NEVER works out for companies (note to companies: people don’t like being told how to use your product when they purchase it) and it won’t here with Rockstar if they keep changing things for the worse.

  • F

    They really should bring the RP & cash value of the missions back up to to the original amounts. even if someone plays the same mission repeatedly for 1,000 times just to get that certain car or apartment with the 10 car garage it is still a legit way for them to do it instead of resorting to using glitches for easy cash. However, i can understand the benefit to Rockstar as a business option to knock down the RP & cash values of the misssions to try to entice players to use the cash cards (if they ever become available) but the blow back of that could possibly result in people losing interest in playing the online mode, resulting to Rockstart depending on people buying the game add ons. So, after saying that, I think it’s best for them to up the mission RP & rewards & get those game cards up as soon as possible.

  • Dane

    It’s frustrating to know that Rockstar is holding back intentionally. It’s like parenting it’s gamers. Make them wait for something that should’ve just come right away. There’s always an argument for patience, but why make gamers wait for heists and such any longer than waiting for the actual game release. It’s not a game’s job to teach patience. It’s also not a popular decision for a developer to make a choice against the majority’s voice. Microsoft learned this lesson with many reveals about Xbox one

  • kid_icarus

    *another headache* not so great news to hear. My GTA experience has been disappointing. I played Story mode and got to about halfway in the story when my main missions stopped appearing. R*’s methods to solve this hasnt worked for me. what i am being told from R* is to start a new game. i have spent 40+ hours in story mode at least getting golds on all story and strangers freaks missions. all my flight trials, money earned, spacecrafts, notes, etc etc has to be re-done. i have saved the file on USB so in the event R* finds a fix, not all will be lost. needless to say, my 2nd playthrough isnt great. great that they have been fixing online, nerfing missions and survival maps, but the story mode bugs have been over looked and un resolved.

  • Conorado

    The way I see it if it were any easier to level and make money than I’d be done with multiplayer in say… 2-3 months? The same goes for games like COD when they give you all those bonus xp codes and everything else. I max out too fast and then I lose interest. At least this game is pretty challenging.
    What works for me is start off by jacking a good car (Baller or anything that sells for 9k) sell it, run a few missions(Survival, regular, races, whatever I’m in the mood for) maybe, catch an armored car, hunt a bounty, rinse and repeat. In no time I’m making money, enjoying the game, etc etc.
    Helpful tip: If you get a 9k bounty on your head try and survive (I can’t remember if it’s a timer or the number of other players you kill) and walk away with the 9k in your pocket. Had a pretty good chase myself and killed 6 hunters that were after me and before I know it *DING* money in my pocket.

    • Charlie Sasuke Skudder

      Yes your right, BUT take in to consideration, GTA IV had no missions no money making schemes and not as big of a map yet people still flooded those servers for 5 years!! I don’t think people will get all that bored as there is more than enough ways to spend your cash and plenty of other things to do, like go deep sea diving, mod cars then get bored of them so get a new one, buy guns,ammo and upgrades, put bounties on mischievous players, play golf or Tennis, go to the cinema, cycle around the map with a friend(s), buy vehicles off ingame internet, (army, exotic, muscle, sport, Classic, coupe, sedans, suvs, convertibles, planes, boats, helicopters.) Loads of things to do. And I will be Extremely surprised if everybody got bored and fed up with the game. Oh and not to mention you can still just do missions for fun.

  • Dimbles86

    only way i can make good money now is replaying survival on boneyard. I hide behind the white cabin where enemies can’t get me. I can do all 10 waves on my own in 25 minutes. Not a short amount of time but the only way to make $20,000 every half hour. I suggest people give it a try, if u dont know how, add me up on ps3 and i’ll personally show anyone that wants to know. Dimbles86

    • Cyclist

      That’s an utter waster of time. I made 50,000 doing bicycle races in just over half an hour with my friend.

      • Charlie Sasuke Skudder

        Tip for ya mate do car racing with one other friend or more and bet on each other. You can get about $70,000 in 15 minutes. 🙂 hope that helps ya. 😀

  • L_S_P_D

    Rockstar are kinda taking piss there trying get u to buy credit card :/

  • L_S_P_D


    Rockstar are giving us all 500K on the game soon due to fact that that bug’s ruined the story line so there gonna fix it and give uss 500K so be happy 3:

  • Just_Speakin_Troof

    I understand fixing money glitches, but cutting out hard earned money in HALF? This is ridiculous. But the worst of all is the penalty system for blowing up a person’s car (or a few) banning my account from playing with MY FRIENDS on top of charging us for their insurance? That is crazy, I’m pretty sure rockstar introduced GTA online as “we can do whatever we want”. So ummmmm, why punish us after punishing us just because we WANT to blow up cars since ppl WANT to use them as a shield? Why not just keep punishing us by charging us money & when we run out of money put us in passive mode till we make more money? Instead of putting us in timeout for a few days, it’s seriously annoying for MANY of us

    • Charlie Sasuke Skudder

      Ahh but you see, if you blow up someones car, THEY would normally have to pay for it. I can see it both ways really. As if you have an annoying person he keeps driving by killing or just shooting at you or your car, why if you blow them up for being a pain in the ass, YOU have to pay THEIR insurance?! Now thats hardly fair is it? Its pretty much saying just die and let him kill you. If you kill him your bound to lose money to pay for his car. BUT the good side of it is, you get a LOT of Jerks out there who think its cool to just come over to you and blow up your car for kicks and Giggles when maybe your sat in the car chatting to a friend whilst waiting for them to catch up and someone blows you and your car up. That is Soooooo frustrating when you weren’t even doing anything just sitting minding your own business, but the good thing is that Jerk who blew you up HAS to pay for YOUR insurance. So it sort of balances its self out. That wont be much of a problem though once they have fully sorted out the bad sports from the good sports. 🙂

  • Reader

    Okay, Im beginning to understand… R* is giving us 500k, so they must even us out by making it harder to make money, so then people will still buy their cash cards. This is ridiculous. Why can’t you (R*) just leave a good thing alone. I, personally, would rather not get the 500k and have kept the mission pay as it was before the 1.04 update.

  • Michael

    I think they are doing a good job. Rockstar is a reputable company, and they deliver quality products. Hence, it’s only a matter of time that they finally perfect a perfected game: Gta v

    • Trevor

      Shut up Michael. I mourned for you.

  • Richie10000

    People were doing that bike glitch and missions over and over because everything is expensive for a decent crib is 80 grand even the 130 grand one sucks 25 thousand so bulletproof tires I gaurentee as soon as people figure out how to mod money online they will if things don’t change

  • Schmee

    well. I enjoy Grand Theft Auto!

  • Charlie Sasuke Skudder

    Rockstar you’re seriously taking the piss now. Why downgrade the amount of money you earn from doing a mission, Just because people keep playing it over and over to get some quick cash? The reason everyone wants quick cash is because everything you buy online is super expensive. $25000 for bulletproof tyres? On your car or $12000 for a silencer for your new gun, now that you have screwed the missions right up by chopping cash earned it will now mean someone will go into a mission that’s pretty long and hard then die several times buy loads of ammo, armour they keep getting low, then to find that they get $3000!!! It cost that to play the bloody mission! I dont get on my xbox all the time due to work etc. But when I get a chance im on gta online. It used to be fun completing missions with friends over and over to afford these little things, but now I enter a mission and come away with less than I went in with?! :S So please get it sorted Rockstar. If people wanna keep playing over and over on one mission let them thats their choice. Surely not for you to control. Where has free will gone in this world today?!

    • JeffM

      “$25000 for bulletproof tyres? On your car or $12000 for a silencer for your new gun,”

      Thats cheap you tosser.

      • Charlie Sasuke Skudder

        Hey Jeff.
        that’s not cheap. If your a low level and just starting off say, and you want a silencer for your pistol, you have to get $12000 and that is pretty hard now as most missions only give you $500 – $2000 so it will take a while UNLESS you have a friend that’s a higher level to give you missions. And even then, you work your ass off maybe die couple of times, you buy some ammo and spend bout $3000 -$4000 on ammo and armour. And then you finish the mission to get $10,000 or $12,500 then you have to spend all that money that you just got, on a shitty silencer. And the same for bulletproof tyres! Jeff if you say that its all cheap then you have obviously done the car selling glitch, or the save and load glitch to get yourself loads of money….

  • warlock9mm

    Rockstar is ruining this game, as of now there is a major save game crisis….. since the new patch saving the game is shotty and glitchy, sometimes I can’t even do anything. I didn’t know they cut the money and xp in half which I find very disappointing. Rockstar is looking more and more like online gaming amateurs. Servers that mix countries, why would I want to play missions with people from other countries that don’t speak English? Why do I want a 5-year old’s sticker emblem on the hood of my car? The bad character creation. My friends and I talk about his all the time, and are anticipating the release of PS4 and Battlefield 4 , leaving GTA in the past and moving back into a game run by a company that knows how to make online gaming work efficiently without trying to screw you in the end. I understand they are a company trying to make money, but the game sold has been downgraded, the service provided is mediocre, and in the gaming business people move on quickly to a new game. Didn’t Rockstar make over half a billion dollars in profit so far? Pick it up Rockstar, people are getting pissed off real fast.

  • Zorro_8764

    Rockstar have lost me as a player for this game. Like somebody mentioned before they are constantly trying to force people into buying their money packs well NEWSFLASH, some people don’t have money to waste on cash packs and the least they can do to compensate is offer decent paying missions. Lets face it cus everything in this game is overpriced and after their recent 1.04 update i am no longer playing..

  • Sir_K33tanz

    They’ve cut it in half because they’re trying to force people to buy the money packs. They’ve messed up with the online launch and in returned screwed up the ROI for the game. This is Rockstar’s answer in hopes to recover the lost money made from the online part of the game.

  • Liam


  • vMonkey

    Survival still pays 20k

  • popy

    As it stands.. post 1.04, the only way to effeciently level up and make cash is racing short races (which im aure will be nerfed by next week). Effectively turning GTAV into a dumbed down version of need for speed. If you run freemode, you risk badsport by accident, and missions arent even fun without a worthwhile payout and xp bump. Maybe if the difficulty were to affect payout(giving full 25k on base invaders for hard difficulty), it could still draw some players in. Heists wont hold players because so many would like to run missions solo when none of their friends are on.

    • timmy

      fastest is to run criminal records with one friend, 3 laps, take turns winning, about 6000 RP per 1:30 race.

      • Matty

        doesnt work anymore.. the RP income from that race has been lowerd alot.. i tried it with a friend winner gets less than 2000 rp now

  • Rock4one

    After upgrading a car or buying ammo the money goes too fast!

    I never did any of the money glitches however, I don’t blame anyone that has considering now how the missions money is so f**ked up!

    Plus, now after the last patch update, in missions, players are not given the same amount of money…players that died get more than players that carried their dead ass! WTF?

    Pay us more money for missions RockStar; grinding for small change is a pain in my ass! And putting up with this glitchy ass game – makes up entitled to it!

  • PSN-braydend

    Let me first say that as being good with money, I still have a couple mil and the income has not effected me to much. It’s the whole idea of removing the replay option on missions like violent duct, rooftop rumble, mixed up with come, etc… Then patched up the “R2 Retry”, and now cut all earning regarding RP and $$$ in half, yet say the game is “tailored” to those who don’t pay. I’ve been in a craze over this game (6 days played already) and I don’t agree with grinding a whole 10 hours of straight missions just to acquire another quarter or, if I’m lucky, half a million dollars. For now ill remain using the Criminal Records race and bmx around with the crew.