Pokemon X and Y Mega stone locations for final evolutions

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2013

How are you getting on with your Pokemon X and Y adventure? Have you managed to find all of the various stones in the game that are needed for the final evolutions? One area that you are probably trying to solve now is mega evolutions. We now have a great Pokemon X and Y mega stone location walkthrough to show you, which will help to find any stone that you are missing off your list.

As most of you are well aware, mega evolutions are brand new in Pokemon X and Y. Once you acquire a mega stone, its corresponding Pokemon has the ability to mega evolve for the duration of one battle, with added skills and extra power in battle.

We have seen the likes of mega Mewtwo and mega Charizard already revealed, but have you had any luck finding all of the other stones for the full list of Pokemon that have a mega evolution? We can tell you that some are relatively easy to find, while others are far more difficult and in many cases, require you to complete the game once first.

One of the most popular mega evolutions that we have seen is for Gengar. We can tell you that the Gengarite stone can be found in Lavarre City – simply talk to a black-haired woman at the top left of the city and she will give you the stone that will transform Gengar during battle.

The Gyradosite can be found here!

The Gyradosite can be found here!

Another stone that a lot of Pokemon trainers are after is the Gyradosite. This stone is needed for Gyrados’ mega evolution, but you’ll need to know that this can only be found at night. Specifically you’l need to hunt for night mega stones at between 8pm and 9pm real time.

Using this method, you can head to the waterfall shown here in the southeast part of Couriway Town. If you are within the right time zone you should be able to pick up the Gyradosite. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t once you have got used to the method.

This article courtesy of GamesRadar should help you locate all of the mega stones in the game. We’ve also added a video guide below to help you further.

Which Pokemon X and Y mega stone are you looking for at the moment? – Ask for help if you need it below.

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  • awesome guy and awesome gamer

    man i tried to find some but nope didnt work

  • Dutchisaac

    On vocanion it look like the ring on its back can separate from the middle where the yellow things are

  • MoonshadowReaper

    Aggaronite is in the rock gym where the one rock climbing wall that went to nowhere

  • MoonshadowReaper

    Houndoomnite is down the little route where the two skaters are going around against the wall

    • NgTurbo

      Great info, thanks

  • MoonshadowReaper


  • pokegirl

    is it possible to get a Charizardite(?) if the kanto starter you chose was squirtle?

  • PokeNinjaMan

    it has to be between 8:00 and 9:00 PM AND you have to have your mega ring upgraded


    I tried getting the stones 8-9 it didnt work

    • Dev

      To find stones on the ground you must have beat the elite 4, go to kiloude city, fight at least once in the battle Maison, beat your rival in the park in the north oftown aand talked to proffesor sycamore in anistar city.