GTA V online stimulus package helps Joystick Awards

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 18, 2013

The GTA V online stimulus package will help make a number of people feel they have been looked after, and Rockstar know this following the positive comments and a desire by gamers to get their free money. Moments ago GTA V update 1.04 went live on PS3 without any patch notes, although the Xbox 360 download will go live in the coming hours.

In our earlier article we explained the GTA V online stimulus package won’t be included with patch 1.04, but instead will arrive most likely through the Social Hub.

GTA V and The Golden Joystick Awards – within the last couple of hours the official Facebook page updated with a post related to the 2013 Golden Joystick Awards. This saw Rockstar ask their nearly 2 million followers to vote for GTA V in the 31st Golden Joystick Awards, and with a following like that you can almost certainly expect a positive outcome.

Things could have been very different if Rockstar didn’t offer a make-good for the recent GTA V online problems, so you can expect this Facebook status update to be timed perfectly following patch 1.04 going live. The free money is yet to arrive, but you can count on this helping gamers vote for Grand Theft Auto V in the Joystick Awards.

We have also seen a number of comments on Facebook following the post asking for followers to vote for GTA V. “I want my stimulus package already”, said one Facebook user. Another added, “I will vote for GTA V in the Golden Joystick Awards once my $500K arrives”.

Do you think GTA V deserves to be the Game of The Year winner? Did the stimulus package make this decision any easier for you, or are you not happy about iFruit on Android?

If you want to vote for Grand Theft Auto V as “Game of The Year”, then head over to this page and get voting.

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  • Tony Taber

    where is money??????

  • AngeyGTA

    no freaking money yet?! come on rockstar you promised money with this update, don’t go back on your word!

  • stangace20

    where’s the money?

  • john

    U seem so mad tho

  • john

    Theirs nothing differnt they just lessoned the money on all missions over 9k so basically it will take for ever to get money not that I care I have over 6mill and I’m level 106

    • Johnsafag

      sad prick get a life

    • jason

      haha mate i think they probably want it to be like the story, so you get the most money out of heists