GTA V 1.04 update live, doesn’t add money or Heists yet

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2013

If you are currently playing the PS3 version of GTA V, you may want to stop what you are doing and restart the game. Within the last hour, Rockstar has just gone live with their promised 1.04 update. For those asking though, it doesn’t bring the first payment of the stimulus package yet, or that of the GTA V Heists content that players are badly after as well.

What it should do though is fix up a lot of existing bugs that are still present in the game. By Rockstar’s words themselves, the main purpose of this patch is to give the game the functionality to receive the $500,000 stimulus package at a later date.

For now, we can confirm that the GTA V 1.04 update is live on PS3. Xbox 360 users may want to check their games too to see if the update has been pushed at the same time. There isn’t an official change log or bug fix from Rockstar yet, but we’ll add it below once details of the 1.04 title update has been fully disclosed.

For starters, install the update for yourselves and see if you have noticed any major changes in the game that you want to tell us about below. Rockstar also specifically mentions that 1.04 should fix up any issues that caused vehicles to disappear in the game – let us know if you are still seeing this.

Regarding the free $500,000, it looks like Rockstar may be planning to make this payment available via the Social Club, once everyone has installed the 1.04 patch. We’re also hearing that some players who already have the update are having issues connecting to friends in the game – due to incompatibility issues for those that have 1.04 and those that don’t.

With this in mind, you may want to start running the latest version as soon as possible to avoid this problem. Sadly, there’s no word on the incoming Heists DLC yet, but hopefully Rockstar are not too far off from a release as they know everyone wants to play it asap.

What have you noticed after installing the 1.04 patch? We’ll update this as necessary when more information comes.

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  • asfrombmouth

    in 223k apartment down in the garage watching the tv for a few moments exit tv my character cant move just stands there maybe its the game or just my ps3 controller

  • samald

    If you guys want to play together sometime add me on psn psn name samaldridge. I’d like to see how to lvl faster an sh*t like everyone else

  • Gaystar

    Meh rockstar blows Nerf evrything they want more money just made over a bil$$$ Fck of

  • samald

    I’m lvl 52 an I think this is a problem my health will say its going up but since I was lvl 30 is said 20/100 then another notification saying 40/100 but its never went past 20/100 BC Il log in do a few things an it will be the same thing again. Anyone else having this issue?

    • samt

      dont worry i had same thing but I kept levelling up and once I got to 60 3 messages would come up saying 20/100 40/100 60/100 and now that I’m at 80 I got 4 so just ignore the 20/100 ones and keep at it.

      • samald

        Will do its just annoying lol.

  • samald

    Less money an RP. What’s next? Like criminal records race usto ne more laps more RP but now 2 laps you max the amount of RP you’d get.

    • samt

      you always reach the max midrace, its because you raced well and had fast laps clean laps or came in first for whole lap, if you don’t get the max message, the RP you get at the end plus what you did get during the race will total up to about the same as when you ‘max’ out. I’ve done this over 500 times so I studied the RP meter closely.

      • samald

        Alright cool thanks

        • Shadohz

          The shorthand version: Set it to 1 lap. Rinse and repeat.

          You get the same RP for a 1 lap run as you do for a 99 lap run.

  • krislee97

    We are receiving less money now

  • samald

    I never knew the glitch proly wish I did lol

  • Coombsey

    Haha doesn’t matter to me one bit, I lost my level 50 char with around a mil so I decided feck this I made a new one and got to around level 30 and decided they owe me money so I bike glitched my way to about 8 mil and haven’t been punished in any way shape or form, il call that even, justice has been done.

  • samald

    Now there is a saving problem where it says its unable to connect to rock stars servers. This is with full connection to the internet 0% on lag test still having connection to server problems for saving. Didn’t happen tell 1.04 update

  • samald

    Bone yard survival not vineyard

  • samald

    Doing the vineyard survival on wave nine all my ppl but one died an once this happened it said failed. An that we abandoned the match. When that happened none of the people got any rewards. But in the same you lose all the money you half to spend on the ammo an armor. An with 1.04 still no money stimulus. An not using glitches its kind of hard to get money now BC u get half money an rp. Its bs. Bought a great game that turned out to be a load of sh*t

  • Scooter

    Nice that in their patch notes, they forgot to mention the RP and cash payouts for jobs got cut in half. Not only that, but I’m still getting randoms showing up in invite only games when they weren’t invited. Happens a lot when I’m playing invite, friend, or crew only games. Also, after successfully completing a mission in an invite/friend/crew only game, my invitee/friend/crewmate and I will select freemode, and one or both of us will be dumped into a public game. We also get random people showing up in the mission planning screen to go on the jobs, in what should be a private game. I had some random level 79 (I’m level 52) show up in my game last night post patch when I was starting Check Out Time for Martin. I got $5,000 and 650 RP (used to be $10,000 and 1,300 RP) the level 79 got $10,000 and he didn’t do anything but sit in his car. I ran the chic down, killed her, took the picture, shook the fuzz, and returned to Martin, and got crapped on for doing the mission. The other dude did nothing and got paid twice what I did for joining a mission he wasn’t even supposed to be in. Fix your sh** Rockstar.

    If the point of this is to push people towards heists, it’s unnecessary. People will do whatever job rewards them the most for the amount of effort they put in. It’s irrelevant anyways, because there are no heists. Nerf the mission when heists become available if that’s what you want. They don’t need to push people towards heists, that’s what people have been clamoring for since online went live. Also, if you’ve been playing at all, I’m willing to bet you’ve seen the same NPC missions over and over again. I have to call the NPCs just to get jobs, and 95% of what I get is one or two jobs out of the many offered by the NPC. It seems like any particular session will only produce a couple jobs from any given NPC. An example would be that Martin hands out Check Out Time, Editor and Thief, or Out of Court Settlement 95% of the time. Once in a while you’ll get Los Santos Connection, Mixed Up With Coke, Water the Vineyard, etc.

    • samt

      This sucks but it happened because the Level 72 did not update to 1.04 yet as you had. Very unfortunate and you should have gone to Online – Players – Vote to kick and tried to boot him out.

      • Dave

        On this, I have noticed a problem. We started a game and had some random join in because I forgot to make it a closed match. We all voted to kick him out but he just stuck around.

        This was the mission where we had to steal the Titan. We ended up just leaving his ass behind, but he still got paid.

  • Dzydvl

    For those praying R*, you are either glitched already or level 30+. For those of us who had issues we are now screwed since we can’t get the same XP or money awards. Thanks R*, once again the game is being balanced on the backs of the people who have tried to play by the rules! or were screwed by bad code and servers.

  • Dmonix

    after the patch i get only half the job money after clearing!! If i do base invaders what gave me 20000$ before gives me only 10000$ and my crew member got 20000$ it happend on more jobs afterwards tried deleting it and reinstalling the patch but still the same

  • Puhfection

    crimnal records 3 laps everything on stand ard 3-4 rp per game thats like 3 bars at lvl 30-60

  • Gtaafc

    Lol at all you sad bitches crying because they have stopped your boosting, r* have stated it is because of you lot boosting that this update has been done and I’m glad, also game has worked perfectly for me and all 11 I play with since 3 days after release so maybe it’s not all there fault…..

  • hardstyle boy

    everyone complaining about the missions being nerfed, i dont think they are trying to make you buy microtransactions but instead they want you to earn your money through doin heists for when they become available, once the heists come out everyones not gunna complain about the nerfed missions anymore

    • Jack

      Should of released heists before nerfing

  • Adam

    I’m a UK player, this is my sixth attempt to play online after the update, and still cannot play it. Every time I join a lobby, I get kicked out, because “I’m not signed in to PSN”. Other problem I have is that after 7PM my time, I cannot connect to the cloud server. This been happening since the online came out. I think this update make things worse. Hope you are happy now Rock Star…

  • David

    So the game went from completely unplayable to tedious and Boring . Wow Rockstar,you really suck !! I’m done ,on to COD ,stick your game up your arses !!

    • Dave

      Good. More room for the rest of us.

  • Eakie

    I think its to easy to make money in GTA, $25000 for base invaders and it takes like 5 minutes with two people. I’m glad they’re making it harder, it will make people appreciate the money you earn more, making the missions worth doing. I hate the fact that you end up playing the same missions over and over just because you know that its a high earner. The in game economy is screwed due to farming and glitcher’s has anyone thought that Rockstar are trying to stabilise this to improve things for the future?

    As for the in game purchases, if you want to buy them, buy them, if you don’t, don’t!. It’s there for an option, its up to you if you want to top up your money, Rockstar are not sat forcing you to buy.

    End of the day Rockstar have made a game of epic proportions and I’d like to see the people who moan and cry about it having a few teething problems make something of even equal quality. I’m not saying GTA is without issue but give them a chance to fix the problems or if you are that impatient and upset, trade the game in and play something else.

    • They make me laugh.

      nice try R* rep.

      • Eakie

        Not a rep, and your not normal. seriously you’ll be losing your hair in real life if you keep worrying like this.

      • Eakie

        And trust me if I worked for Rockstar, I’d be doing better things other than talking to you, like spending all that money that Rockstar made on GTA!

        • They make me laugh.

          R* made the money not you lol.

        • Eakie

          I’m sure their staff would of got a nice bonus in last months pay lol

    • fluffyacorn

      My friends and I looked out for the better paying missions because they payed well and were fun. Why would anyone want to replay a low paying simple mission over and over? Of course people are going to gravitate to the more challenging better rewarding missions.

      • Eakie

        I agree with this all I’m saying is that money is easy to get once you play the high earners a few times over, therefore I’m guessing Rockstar have realised this and have chosen to lower them. If anything GTA needs more missions to play, I’m board of getting in Rons plane, destroying the lazers, stealing the cargobob, Mission passed 25k (halved apparently).
        I’d rather have longer missions that make you feel like your working for your money, rather than just doing them for the sake of an easy 25k etc.

        • fluffyacorn

          Yeah I wish they were longer and some a bit more challenging. I guess Im just frustrated because I’m around the level where you start to unlock a good amount of the better paying missions and I was really looking forward to them. Now Lester/Martin missions are just as valuable as simple Lamar missions.

        • Eakie

          Again, I agree, I’m level 39, I’ve found myself just replaying the same missions since around level 25+. It needs more content that’s the only thing I can pull it down on, I just get frustrated when people aren’t willing to give the game a chance to develop and expect everything to be perfect from day one. Every Online game I have ever played has had issues and people always react in the same way. Yet all the problems get ironed out eventually, I think people just need to learn to be patient sometimes.

        • fluffyacorn

          Yeah its pretty evident that the whole “500” mission thing may have been a biiiit over exaggerated. I just hope heists are worth the wait and I reeeaaaallly hope its soon.

    • xBigNoochx

      Yea, who cares dude, there was a money glitch, people have up to hundreds of millions now, and there is a huge XP glitch, and I’m pretty sure the xp glitch still works according to various forum sites.

    • Shadohz

      You’re on point, but a bit off-base. Nerfing is only supposed to be done when there is a universal game balancing issue. You don’t use a ‘nerf’ to fix a glitch or farming problem. Those you address independently.

      I can understanding nerfing the RP, but the money rewards should’ve only been lowered on certain missions (anti-farming). Why would anyone want to play a mission that costs them more for bullets and body armor than the payout?

      Even the noobs over at BioWare, having screwed their entire Single Player fanbase over for Multiplayer crybabies, figured out how to properly balance a mulltiplayer game their first time out.

      It was a knee-jerk reaction for all the heat they’ve been taking from dissatisfied consumers. It’s a bit ironic that people used to make fun of Saints Row because it was a glorified GTA knock-off with repetitive missions and weak story line, then R* goes and pulls a “Saints Row” on us with GTA5.

      R* and Bioware were THE go-to publishers for replayability, story, long game hours, immersive gameplay, and character development. Both, this year, have sacrificed their bread-and-butter for only bread. Perhaps some of these larger publishers need to start out-sourcing for their multiplayer needs, since they cannot clearly make a quality game trying to do both SP and MP.

      There are two different type of gamers: Those that enjoy a quality game (be it SP or MP) and those who just play them. These publishers can’t serve two different masters without sacrificing the integrity of their game.


    hey I still go bald when I put on some of the mask fix it and give me 250k already

    • Lol

      Omg yes this happens to every single time I put a mask on and it’s honestly irritating as I have to get my haircut again

      • Eakie

        Yeah, that pee’s me off as well nothing worse than robbing a shop, driving away with 1200k, hiding till the police leave you alone, get out of your car and take off your mask to find that you left your haircut in the shop you robbed 🙂 lol

        • Dave

          Thank god I thought I was the only one. I noticed though that I only lose my hair when wearing the Monkey or Skull mask. If I wear the hockey mask, I dont lose my hair….

  • Truth

    Rockstar is really messing up bad and its not cool at all! Getting a bit too greedy huh rockstar… Don’t forget that is was the people that bought the game in the first place… Be more considerate not more greedy guys… Do better

    • James Martin-Davies

      Wait, what?

      “Don’t forget that is was the people that bought the game in the first place”

      Am I missing something here? You’re telling me people, including yourself, bought the game to grind money and XP? Like you knew it was going to happen before you purchased GTA V, better yet, Online wasn’t released until near two weeks later? Nice theory, dude.

      Apart from that, I am seriously annoyed at the fact they’ve nerfed Base Invaders to 12.5K and lots of other missions too. Especially when you become a high level. It’s like Rockstar are treating the Online world as if it has a real-time GPD. Saying that, the stock market, should it ever come online, will be absolutely pointless given the amount of people who exploited the cash glitch, even the farmers. Though, there is nothing wrong with farming. I just feel the stock market isn’t going to work given the cash flow people have already achieved throughout the game so far. I think Rockstar have landed themselves in a bit of a puddle here, but hopefully things turn around.

  • random

    are the $ glitches patched say yes plz

    • TheFeralJester

      I don’t care about the glitches as I never do them.
      What pisses me off is R* nerfing the payouts yet again.
      For those of us that play legit this is a real kick in the balls.
      I was even tempted to actually buy some GTA$, not now.

      Congrats R*…

    • They make me laugh.

      No hehe

    • weakend

      looks like it… wtf weak

  • Truth

    What missions are you playing. @ Danny I’m rank 53 right now…

  • Danny

    Well at rank 50+ you get roughly 15-25k per mission

    • BryBry_12

      Not anymore you don’t. patch has changed that.

      • weakend

        also less xp for missions completed…

        • They make me laugh.

          yup, Titan of a job used to give 10 k now it only gives 5k, and only 895 rp wow.

        • gopli

          it gave me 10k maybe ur messing up

        • Eakie

          Because its easy!! 10k for 5 mins work!

  • Truth

    They keep making the game worse with each update its already hard enough to make money now for the missions that use to give 9 and 10k they only give half this is becoming garbage very fast and then the player sometimes glitches during a mission and doesn’t want to get in the car at the worst time (while being shot at) and then to top it off everything is more expensive online

  • fluffyacorn

    Well, all that update did was nerf the already nerfed missions. Everything 9,000+ has been cut in half. They are reeeeeally trying to make it difficult to make money in this game so we buy their money.

    • itsthesherf

      Yup, lol but what they don’t know is no one wants to buy their stupid money. We pay $60 for the game, sorry not paying anymore.

    • hardstyle boy

      actually they dont want you earning heaps of money cause they want you to earn money through doin heists when they become available

      • fluffyacorn

        I hope man.

  • roberto073

    We’ll need to do a real life heist to buy some gta dollars of we still want to play normallly

  • smh gta

    So am I going to get my lost cars?

    • itsthesherf

      Probably not, Rockstar is too concerned about the fact that no one wants to buy their GTA$ with real cash and are trying to do everything possible to make sure we aren’t able to make money easily in the game.

    • Rob

      No they stated that they cannot do it. That’s why they are handing out 500k. They’re turning into activision.

  • Corry

    Just started playing and I’m stuck on an infinite cloud screen starting a mission. Hadn’t fixed anything.

  • fedupR*

    was getting before unavailable cloud servers and i am still getting it after 1.04.

  • Espy

    Base invaders income cut in half… Looks like cockstar is really pushing mucrotransactions. I thought this company was different, but they’re just like the rest. Golden pool’s next winner right here

  • BryBry_12

    Just did Los Santos Connection and Extradition with some friends on PS3. Los Santos Connection gave 2 of my friends $16000 and me $8000. Me being level 52 and the other 2 being 19 and 47. Extradition gave me and a level 21 friend only got $10000. Don;t understand how it decides who gets what. But whatever they did, if they are trying to push for the currency purchases this hard, the game will die quick.

    IGN: BryBry_12

  • gtafreak

    A little sad no heists available yet, just updated and didn’t notice anything different. heres hopeing r* doesnt take too long to release the heists add on.

  • Scooter

    Lots of nerfs to NPC jobs. I did Check Out Time (now $5,000 and 650 RP) and Out of Court Settlement ($4,500 don’t remember the RP, maybe 600) for Martin and both had their cash and RP values cut in half. They’re pushing hard to real money purchases.

    • NgTurbo

      Great, thanks Scooter.

    • Scooter

      Those jobs were $10,000 and $9,000 yesterday. Both were over 900-1200RP I believe. Not any more. They’ve also nerfed survival. Roofs are off limits and they’ve removed a lot of the dumpsters, at least on Sandy and Boneyard, I believe that was a Cloud patch yesterday though, not something downloaded by players as part of 1.04. Good luck making money folks, if you thought you were grinding before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • TheLastOutlaw

        I just played a round on Boneyard this morning and you’re absolutely correct. Getting on a roof top starts a countdown to failing the mission and there is much less cover than before. I should have pushed harder to get the Unatural Selection trophy earlier, now it’s going to be a biatch.

    • fluffyacorn