FIFA 14 best goals from EA are amazing

If you are currently addicted to FIFA 14 and are even skipping the likes of GTA V to get your daily fix, you are going to love this new video that we have for you to close the week in style. EA has released a FIFA 14 best goals video, showing off some of the best strikes and skills that players around the world have uploaded as part of their saved replays.

It goes without saying that the opportunity to score amazing goals is there for everyone, if you are good enough. We have seen some breathtaking goals on YouTube already from delighted fans, but now EA has picked out the best that they have seen this week and it has already attracted almost half a million views.

If you think you have scored a good goal in the game on any platform, just take a look at the strikes on selection here and see if you can top any of these. The goal scored at the 16 second mark is stupidly crazy, while the goal at the 20 second mark would even have the likes of Maradona and Messi talking about it for days.

Pato’s goal towards the end of the video is not bad either is it – how many of you can manage a sensational long distance volley like that without breaking a sweat? Pulling off a goal like this in an online match must be the best feeling ever.

He’s not gonna have a go from here is he? ….. He is you know!.. Ohhhh I say!!
He’s not gonna have a go from here is he? ….. He is you know!.. Ohhhh I say!!

We have no problems saying that we can’t compete with these kind of goals, and these are simply a joy to watch. Check out the action below and let us know if you have scored any FIFA 14 crackers that we should know about.

Which one would you vote the best from EA’s selection here?



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