Dota 2 6.79 patch notes land

- Oct 18, 2013

Within the last 24 hours Dota 2 received its 6.79 patch notes that were detailed in full on the official forums, and this gameplay update is massive as you can see by the long list of changes.

You can read the long list of improvements right here in what is officially called a Dota 2 “6.79 Gameplay Update”, so take a look at the notes that are broken down by General fixes and changes to Heroes.

Reactions to these changes reveal both shock and happiness. Players have published messages with details of the changes they love and those that made them really unhappy. There is no doubt this update will change the Dota 2 gameplay in a big way, but will you be happy with the result if you are a fan?

We look forward to seeing the change in action, but for now leave a comment below with your thoughts on the 6.79 patch and if you think Valve did the right thing in this update.

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  • mrD

    Slark can still be disabled, though. The good thing is that you know where he is by the smoke around him. So all you need to do is AOE stun or disable (Earthshaker, Lion, Nyx, Centaur, Slardar, Enigma, Disruptor, etc.) and his new 4sec invisible will be wasted.

  • K-choi

    wtf, invi heroes are now getting stronger, slark is better the way he was before

    • Eric

      Are you dumb? His ulti cd was 25 and is now 65, and duration was 5.5 and is now 4. I main slark and he got nerfed hard.

      • kylejack

        That’s what K-choi said. He is better the way he was before.